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We’re offering the option to cancel and receive a credit voucher on all new & existing flight bookings with travel dates from 15 Mar – 31 May 2020. The fastest way to request your credit vouchers & cancel your flight is online via Manage booking


Domestic Travel Restrictions

Last Updated: 09/07/2020 08:52 AM

State border travel restrictions are constantly changing. This may include mandatory entry permits, pre-approval, or denied entry. For travel within Australia please review the below border restrictions to ensure you can meet the conditions of entry.

New South Wales (including Lord Howe Island)
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

New South Wales – Victoria borders  

Following aspike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria, the New South Wales government and the Queensland government have put measures in place to prevent the entry of people from Victoria.

Considering the above, we’ve reviewed our schedule and a number of flights have been cancelled. Our teams are in the process of contacting affected customers directly with a range of options, which may include a refund depending the circumstances. 

Melbourne – Sydney and Melbourne Newcastle flights: From 10 July Jetstar will significantly reduce the frequency of services between Melbourne and Sydney and Melbourne and Newcastle, and availability is limited. Customers who need to travel are encouraged to review the restrictions and re-arrange travel as required.

Melbourne - Ballina (Byron) flights | Last flight 12 July: Our last direct flight for this month is Sunday 12 July. We encourage customers with bookings who need to return to Ballina or return to Melbourne to contact us to move their plans to a date prior to 12 July. 

Returning customers who are travelling to these regions in July who are currently away from home and need to bring their flights forward can do so at no additional cost this week. Changes can be made by logging into Manage Booking.

Extra Support for customers impacted by travel restrictions:

If you are traveling in or out of Victoria between now and 18 August, you are eligible to cancel your booking and obtain a credit voucher to the value of the booking. To request a voucher, go to Manage Booking and follow these easy steps. We'll email the voucher to you within 14 business days.
  • Click on the 'Find out More' button
  • Select 'Check flight Options' button
  • Click 'View other Options' button
  • Select 'Request reimbursement' button
Alternatively, you may wish to wait to see if your flight is impacted by Jetstar’s current network review, in which case Jetstar will contact you directly in the coming days with a range of options, which depending on the circumstances may include a refund.

Have a question about flight cancellations, changing flights or vouchers? Please also read our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Help ease travel restrictions faster with the Australian Government's COVIDSafe App

We encourage all Australians to download and activate the COVIDSafe app.

The app helps state and territory officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to the virus. It’s easy, it’s secure and ultimately, it will mean less restrictions, which will let us all travel again sooner.

The COVIDSafe app also gives you extra reassurance if you are travelling. For more information and to download the app head here.

International Flight Cancellations

Last Updated: 09/07/2020 05:34 AM

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have cancelled the international flights until 25 October 2020, with the exception of services between Australia and New Zealand, flights to Cook Islands (Rarotonga) and Fiji.

Because the situation is constantly evolving and may change rapidly, at this stage, we have not made a decision to cancel international flights after 25 October 2020. Whether your travel is coming up in the next few months, or later in the year, we understand that you would like to know how your plans will be affected. Our network is reviewed on an ongoing basis and decisions to cancel flights for future travel dates are made in stages, in response to various factors impacting travel.

This means that customers who have booked a flight in late 2020 or 2021 may not know the status of their flight until closer to their travel dates. We know this is frustrating, however, we don’t want to cancel flights that we may be able to operate.

We will notify customers directly if there are any changes to upcoming flights and advise about available options, which depending on the circumstances, may be an alternative flight at no additional charge; a voucher to the full value of the booking; or a refund.

Please note, cash refunds are only available for customers whose flight was cancelled due to events within our control and we either:

  • were not able to provide the customer with an alternative service that is within three hours of the flight’s original departure time
  • were able to offer an alternative flight departing more than three hours after the originally scheduled departure time, and you decide not to travel.

Have a question about flight cancellations, changing flights or vouchers? Please also read our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Changes to Jetstar Pacific

Last Updated: 07/07/2020 09:22 AM

Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights will soon be rebranded as Pacific Airlines and bookings will be transitioned to a new reservation system. All customers impacted by this change will be contacted with updated information or details regarding any changes to their booking.

Customers requiring assistance with their Jetstar Pacific booking can contact Jetstar directly until 28 July 2020 via this link

For customers who have received notification that their booking has been changed to Pacific Airlines, please contact Pacific Airlines via the contact details provided to you

Customers can find out more by going to our Jetstar Pacific FAQ page

New Bookings – Fly Flexible

Last Updated: 02/07/2020 05:33 AM

Whether you’re planning to visit friends or family or take a long overdue holiday, we know you’re looking forward to booking your next flight. To ensure you can book with confidence, we’re introducing further flight flexibility.

One fee-free date change extended until 27 July 2020 – Australian domestic travel

If you book flights through between 21 May and 27 July 2020, we’ll waive the change fee if you decide to change the date of your travel. When you’re ready to rebook, you’ll need to cover any Fare Difference in your new booking and please be sure you make the change before your flight opens for check-in at the airport. 

This offer applies for travel between 12 June and 31 October 2020 on any Jetstar Airways (JQ) domestic flights within Australia. If you have both a domestic and international flight on your itinerary, a Change Fee will apply.

In the instance that your flight is cancelled by us, we’ll rebook you on the next available flight to your booked destination, at no additional cost to you. Alternatively, you can choose other options.

Greater flexibility when using credit vouchers

We’ve recently improved our travel vouchers. New and existing unused travel vouchers issued due to the impact of COVID-19 on travel by Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK), have become multi-use vouchers.

These multi-use vouchers can be used across multiple bookings - any outstanding credit from one booking can be used towards another. Customers can check their credit amount by visiting the voucher balance portal.

All other credit vouchers issued for reasons not listed above will be single use only. Customers should refer to the full Terms and Conditions.

We have also extended our voucher expiry dates for vouchers issued from 1 March 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. We are now giving customers 12 months to redeem a voucher and book any available flight (excluding vouchers issued by GK). Our flights are generally made available around 12 months in advance, so customers will have about two years to travel.

If you booked through a travel agent or third party websites (e.g. Flight Centre) you will need to contact them directly.

Chat with one of our friendly Jetstar customer service staff.
We are currently experiencing exceptionally high levels of customer enquiries and really appreciate your patience at this time.