What is an oversized item?

An oversized item is any checked baggage item that is longer than one metre in any direction (1000mm/39in), including wheels, handles and packaging. Oversized items cannot be longer than 2.3m, except on Boeing 787 Jetstar Airways (JQ) international flights (2.77m).

Oversized items include bikes, golf bags, large music instruments, skis, snowboards, surfboards and other items longer than 1m. Passengers can bring a maximum of two oversized items.

What is the oversized item handling fee?

The oversized item handling fee is a fee paid for each oversized item. This fee doesn’t include the item’s weight and is paid in addition to the checked baggage allowance.

How does it work?

Step 1: Decide how much checked baggage weight you will need, including the weight of any oversized item(s) you plan to check in.

For example: if you have one standard suitcase (less than 1m on any side) weighing 15kg and one surfboard bag (over 1m in length) weighing 10kg, you’ll need to purchase at least 25kg of checked baggage.

Step 2: Pay the oversized item handling fee for each oversized item (maximum two per person).

Using the above example, you would pay one oversized item handling fee to cover the additional handling of the surfboard bag.

Exceptions: Medical equipment, mobility aids and infant items

The following items can be checked in for free, and the oversized item handling fee doesn’t apply. Full details

  • Mobility aids (manual and electric wheelchairs)
  • Assistive devices (walkers, crutches and travel oxygen)
  • Items for infants and young children (portable cot, highchair, booster seat, infant car seat, pram or stroller)

Oversized item fee: When and how do I pay the fee?

You can pay the oversized item fee (and purchase enough checked baggage allowance to cover the item’s weight) when you book, add it to an existing booking online, or purchase it at the airport service desk. We recommend you pay the fee online before arriving at the airport to save time at check-in. See the table below for all prices.

Limits: How heavy and big can my oversized item be?

Maximum of two oversized items per passenger per flight.

No single bag or item can weigh more than 32kg, even if your checked baggage allowance is 35kg or 40kg.

The maximum allowable length of any oversized item is 2.3m, except on Boeing 787 Jetstar Airways (JQ) international flights (2.77m). Check your aircraft type on the Choose flights page under the details link in the flight listing, or on your itinerary. If your trip includes different aircraft or flights, the lowest maximum length applies. Full details on checked baggage size and weight restrictions.

Oversized item handling fee price list

Oversized item handling fee – applies per oversized item per flight
Flight Fee
 Domestic and International flights with Jetstar Airways (JQ)  AUD / NZD $25
 Domestic and International flights with Jetstar Japan (GK)  JPY ¥2,000 / HKD $140 / TWD $550 / PHP ₱900 / CNY ¥120
 International flights with Jetstar Asia (3K)  SGD $25, VND 400,000₫

The oversized item handling fee is a separate handling fee, paid per item and does not add any extra weight to your checked baggage allowance. Make sure you have purchased enough checked baggage allowance to cover both your standard baggage and oversized items. The fee does not apply to mobility and assistive devices, medical equipment and infant items. When traveling on multiple Jetstar carriers, the highest fee will apply.