Ancient temples, tranquil lakes and colonial architecture – the world's newest hotspot

Myanmar is welcoming a new era as travellers from all over the world have started to arrive, looking to discover previously hidden beauty. The ancient temples of Bagan, mysterious Mandalay and tranquil Inle Lake are some of the attractions waiting to be explored. Classic colonial buildings stand next to Buddhist stupas. For many, Myanmar is the Asia of an earlier time – quieter, less developed yet charming and beautiful.

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. The country’s capital, Naypyidaw, sits 32km north of Yangon. Plagued with political turmoil for many years, the country opened a new chapter with the transfer of power from the military to the first civil government, following elections in 2010. Ever since, the country has gradually revealed itself as Asia's premier hidden gem.