Book your preferred seat, sit back and relax.

Got a seating preference? When you fly with Jetstar, you can choose from a standard seat, a seat with extra legroom or a spot at the front of the plane for a speedy exit. Fees apply.

Stretch your legs

If you want to stretch out, these seats give you more room to move. Conditions apply.

Sit up front

You’re more likely to get on and off quickly when you're close to the front of the plane

Choose your favourite spot

Window? Aisle? With your friends? Purchase your favourite seat now before it sells out!

Is seat selection included in my booking?

If you’ve booked a Starter fare, standard seat selection is an optional extra. With a Starter Plus bundle, standard seat selection is included, and if you have a Starter Max bundle, all the options are yours - standard, up front and extra legroom. Buy a Flex bundle and you’ll get the choice of a standard or up front seat, while those with a Business bundle get free seat selection in the Business cabin.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to purchase your seat in advance if you’re picky about where you sit. If you don’t, you’ll be automatically assigned a seat which you might not like, or you might not get to sit with your friends. All seating options are subject to availability and conditions apply.

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