China’s richest and most modern province, Guangdong boasts a diverse range of natural wonders to go with its wealth of world-class cities

Home to 3,368km of coastline, China’s southernmost and most prosperous province is where rivers from across the region empty into the South China Sea. Owing to its enviable status as the home of the Pearl River Delta and the place of origin of countless overseas Chinese, Guangdong is regarded as China’s gateway to the world. The province’s sub-tropical climate means it’s ideal for those keen to explore scenic spots like the mountain quartet of Danxia, Xiqiao, Luofu and Dinghu, the Global Geopark, the Seven Star Crags, Yingxi Peak Forest and Wanlu Lake. Other key attractions include Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise, China’s largest theme park; the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaiping Watchtowers and Village; glitzy cities like Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou; and an inviting range of beaches, hot springs and golf courses.