You can use your In-Flight Meal Deal to purchase food, drink and merchandise on board all Jetstar Airways (JQ) domestic and international flights.

You can use in-flight vouchers to purchase food and drinks on board Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) flights. On Jetstar Asia (3K) flights you can also use in-flight vouchers to buy duty free and Jetstar merchandise.

You can buy in-flight vouchers or an In-Flight Meal Deal while you’re booking your Starter fare, or after you book and before you fly at Manage booking.

An in-flight voucher (or In-Flight Meal Deal) may be included as part of your Starter Plus, Starter Max or Flex bundle, see Bundle inclusions: meals, snacks, in-flight vouchers and In-Flight Meal Deals.

Please note: in-flight vouchers and In-Flight Meal Deals can only be pre-purchased, you can’t buy them on board. They are also not issued separately. If you buy an in-flight voucher or In-Flight Meal Deal it will be included on your boarding pass.

In-flight voucher Terms and Conditions.

In-Flight Meal Deal Terms and Conditions (Jetstar Airways (JQ) only)