Project details

Location  Cambodia
Type  Innovation
Owner  Fly Carbon Neutral Program
Verification  Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) 

Your flight emissions offset

The New Lao Stove Project equips Cambodian families with stoves that use 22% less wood and charcoal than a traditional stove, which reduces the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Contribution as subsidy, training and support

Your Fly Carbon Neutral contribution subsidises the production and distribution of the fuel efficient cookstoves, as well as providing training and support. So far, more than 2 million stoves have been distributed.

Other benefits

Community health and education

This project has created significant local employment and training opportunities, serving as the main income generating activity for over 3,000 people across Cambodia while building local capacity and skills. In addition, the reduced need for fuel relieves families from high fuel costs, leaving more money to be dedicated towards education, health and entrepreneurship.

The stoves also combust fuel more cleanly while remaining intentionally similar to traditional Southeast Asian cooking stoves. This efficient design delivers significant health benefits for Cambodian communities, where the air pollution from traditional stoves has caused respiratory, heart and eye problems that have disproportionately affected women and children.

Forest conservation

By reducing the community's need for wood and charcoal, their project helps to reduce the unsustainable logging of Cambodian forests and conserve native ecosystems.

Lifestyle changes

With less time spent cooking and collecting firewood, women can pursue other activities.


The project provides women with employment and training opportunities.

Fresh air!

Clean cooking improves community health and wellbeing by reducing air pollution.