Project details

Location  Madre de Dios, Peru
Type Conservation
Owner  Fly Carbon Neutral Program
Verification Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Flight emissions offset

The Amazon Project conserves 300,000 hectares of virgin rainforest, which prevents the carbon stored in the trees from being released into the atmosphere. Without the project, the trees would be logged for timber and the area converted to ranch land.

Contribution as revenue, training, equipment and support

Your Fly Carbon Neutral contribution supports the sustainable harvesting of the Amazon’s wild Brazil nuts, as well as biodiversity monitoring and reforestation activities.

When you choose to fly carbon neutral, you help to provide an alternative revenue stream to logging for the 400 local farming families who own and manage the land covered by the project.

By providing sustainable land use training, efficient harvest equipment, and legal and technical support, your offset contribution supports the local community in their roles as sustainable business managers and environmental custodians who protect the forest from illegal agricultural or logging activities.

Other benefits

Biodiversity conservation

The rainforest protected by the Amazon project is home to an abundance of wildlife such as jaguars, giant river otters and hundreds of bird species. As Brazil nut trees only flourish in a healthy rainforest ecosystem, conserving the precious natural habitat for these animals is a central part of the community’s environmental protection initiatives.

Community training and employment

Your Fly Carbon Neutral contribution creates new training and employment opportunities for the local community of the Amazon project. By helping the local Brazil nut harvesters to improve efficiency, minimise their environmental impact, and protect their forest, these opportunities help to provide vital economic development for both present and future generations.

Brazil nut tree protection

The Brazil Nut Project protects the native brazil nut trees rather than clearing them for agriculture.

Brazil nuts!

Brazil nuts are formed in pods containing 8 to 24 seeds or ‘nuts.’

Economy boost

The Brazil Nut Project boosts the local economy, creating jobs and training.