It doesn’t take much to exceed the 7kg carry-on baggage allowance included in our Starter, Starter Plus or Starter Max fares.

A laptop, a couple of books or holiday shopping can tip you over.

Even if you think you’ll be a little bit over, it’s best to pre-purchase +7kg Extra Carry-On Baggage^ when you book to avoid higher prices or excess baggage fees at the airport.

Increasing your carry-on allowance gives you 14kg across 2 items
(with a max of 10kg in any one item)

^limited availability; available on selected routes

Increase your carry-on baggage to 14kg by visiting Manage booking.

Why purchase +7kg online?

+7kg Extra Carry-On Baggage is available on selected routes and has limited availability per flight. It is also cheaper the earlier you buy.

To avoid disappointment and get the cheapest price, purchase +7kg when you book. You can also add it later in Manage Booking before you arrive at the airport.

Remember, we monitor carry-on baggage to ensure it adheres to safety requirements and to streamline the boarding process for passengers. If you exceed your carry-on allowance, fees will apply.

Purchasing at the airport

If you don’t have scales at home, you can check your weight at the airport check in area. If you discover you’ve exceeded your carry-on allowance, see a Jetstar team member for baggage options. You may still be able to purchase +7kg if it hasn’t sold out, however airport prices are higher than online.

Excess baggage fees at the boarding gate are much more expensive than online or at the airport service desk as they are most disruptive to our operations.

If +7kg has sold out, your items are too heavy (over 14kg) or your items are too big, you’ll need to purchase a checked baggage allowance and your baggage will be checked in.

Need to bring more than 14kg?

You can purchase up to 40kg of checked baggage allowance. Full details on checked baggage.

If you have an existing booking and want to check what baggage purchases you’ve made, visit Manage Booking or refer to your itinerary.

+7kg Carry-On Baggage is not available on the following routes in either direction:

  • Adelaide – Denpasar
  • Brisbane – Denpasar
  • Cairns – Denpasar
  • Darwin – Denpasar
  • Perth – Denpasar
  • Melbourne – Denpasar
  • Singapore – Denpasar (Jetstar Australia [JQ] operated flights)
  • Sydney – Denpasar
  • Nadi – Melbourne
  • Nadi – Sydney
  • Auckland – Rarotonga
  • Sydney – Rarotonga
  • Auckland – Melbourne
  • Christchurch – Melbourne
  • Melbourne – Queenstown
  • Auckland – Gold Coast
  • Christchurch – Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast – Wellington
  • Gold Coast – Queenstown
  • Auckland – Sydney
  • Christchurch – Sydney
  • Sydney – Queenstown
  • Auckland – Brisbane
  • Any journey that includes a flight on any of the above routes

Availability may be restricted on other routes due to operational reasons