You can select and purchase seats for your family when you book through our website or with one of our friendly team members.

  • If you choose not to select your seats, they will be randomly assigned at check in, at no additional cost.
  • We do our best to seat families together when we allocate seating and we’ll make sure that young children are seated with a parent or guardian, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be all together. That’s why it’s best to select your seats when you book your flights.
  • If your child would be more comfortable in a car seat, contact us about bringing one on board. You can also get information here: What do I need to know about bringing a car seat on board?

Passengers under 15 years old, including infants, won’t be able to sit in an exit row.

  • If you’re booked on an international flight travelling on a Boeing 787, you can contact us to request a bassinet. This service isn’t available on Boeing 787 aircraft flying domestic routes.
  • If one adult is travelling with more than one infant, the second infant will need their own seat. Find out more about these requirements on our infant travel page.