From the wild jungles of the north to the unspoilt beaches of the coast, Sumatra fulfils every traveller’s dreams of adventure.

The second largest island in the Indonesian Archipelago, Sumatra is a land that boils and bubbles below the surface, it’s volcanic geology having created a dramatic landscape of super volcanoes, crater lakes, mountainous jungle and sky-soaring peaks. Heading to the coast, beaches and blue surf line the town of Krui, dolphins glide through the waters of Kiluan Bay and rivers, bound to ancient trading paths, criss-cross the region. And as varied as the landscape is Sumatra’s culture: its population of some 40 million people is made up of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Chinese communities and a distinct Malay influence in the south. Each group has brought their customs, culture and cuisine to the island, branding Sumatra with its own distinct flavour.