Please select from the links below which set of fare rules is relevant to your fare or bundle.

Important: We recently updated our fare rules for select fares and bundles. For fare rules for Starter Plus, Flex and Starter Max bundles booked before 4 June 2024, refer to Bundles no longer available..

For more information on the change, see Updated Jetstar fares and bundles.

Booking changes: If you change your existing booking to a different fare or bundle, the fare rules of the new fare or bundle apply.

Fares and bundles currently available

Fare rules for GDS bookings

Some travel agents and airlines use the Global Distribution System (GDS) to create and manage bookings. GDS bookings use an alternative set of fare rules that are updated and managed in the GDS system. If you have any questions about the fare rules that apply to your GDS booking, please contact your travel agent or the airline you booked with for help.

Remember the Conditions of Carriage apply to all travel with Jetstar.

Bundles no longer available

The below bundles are no longer available for new bookings from 4 June 2024.