Try these 7 top tips for frazzle-free travel

From planning ahead to getting the right gadgets and apps, here's how to avoid travel stress and have complete peace of mind when you're away from home.

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  • Jetstar
  • December 2019
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A little preparation can go a long way towards creating peace of mind, and help you deal with the unexpected, when you travel.

1. Make checklists

If you’re worried about the ‘what ifs’, the best way to combat pre-travel stress is to identify the triggers. Nervous about losing your travel documents? Scan everything and email to yourself so you can easily access copies. Fretting about closing up the house? Do a room-by-room checklist so you aren’t in the taxi agonising over whether you left the kitchen window open. In a panic about what to pack? Make a detailed list for that too and don’t forget to check your passport is still valid. Avoid information overload by organising all of your trip details and travel plans into one streamlined itinerary before your holiday with an app like TripCase.

2. Plan kid-friendly activities

Going on holiday with kids can be stressful – according to Jetstar research, parents often feel anxious anticipation before a family trip – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Make things easy for yourself by loading up those iPads for the flight, booking a resort with a Kids’ Club and consulting the experts – blogs such as and are packed full of insights, tips and tricks for taking the stress out of travelling with kids.

A family walking along the beach
Holidays offer a great opportunity to spend quality time together as a family.

3. Have the right tech

Invest in a pocket Wi-Fi such as Skyroam Solis or Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro to ensure reliable internet connection when overseas. Then download handy travel apps such as TripIt, which organise all your bookings in one place. Google Maps and Google Translate can get you out of a bind, while the Tinder-style Blink Travel app saves time on destination research – if climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge doesn’t appeal, swipe left. Want to check out the most Instagrammable sights? Swipe right to save to your travel map.

4. Try a meditation app

If you’re feeling frazzled, simply taking a moment to pause and breathe deeply can help manage stress. It’s also a good idea to sneak in a quick meditation practice into your day – there are plenty of apps out there which provide on-the-go meditation and mindfulness guides so you can fit it in between sightseeing or business meetings. Some also offer relaxation music and sleepy time stories to soothe the senses when jetlag is at play. Try Calm, an award-winning meditation and mindfulness app that will help you stay in the moment during your holiday.

Woman meditating
Try downloading a meditation app for a stress-free holiday.

5. Enjoy the holiday

Leave all that niggly ‘life admin’ stuff behind. Set an out-of-office reply for your work emails and mentally switch off. Scheduling some downtime for when you arrive at your destination – whether it’s booking a massage or running a bath – will help do just that by kick-starting relaxation mode.

6. Book a pet sitter

Dreaming of a tropical island getaway but can’t bear the thought of putting your fur babies in kennels? Use an app like Mad Paws – or a trusted friend – to have your pets stay comfy and secure in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Knowing your beloved pets are safe and getting their afternoon walks in their favourite park means you can relax and enjoy your own sunset stroll in paradise.

Woman with dog
Hiring a pet sitter can give you peace of mind while you're away.

7. Develop a flexible mindset

We can’t always control what happens but there is no point letting one or two negative experiences ruin a holiday, so deal with stressful situations as quickly as possible and move on. OK, so dropping your phone into Lake Wanaka while taking a shot of the amazing view might feel like a disaster – but all is not lost if you have backed up on iCloud. And that evening you have to spend in Phuket because you missed the boat might be the best night of your life. An attitude of acceptance is key to maintaining inner peace.

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