Where to find Australia’s best hidden beaches

If you prefer to visit a beach off the tourist trail, these are the four secret beaches around Australia that no one knows about - yet.

Myall Beach in Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia.
  • Jetstar
  • November 2019

How’s the serenity! If you prefer hidden to hotspot and don’t mind a bit of trek to get there, these remote stretches of sand are heavenly.

Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation

World heritage rainforest meets world heritage reef on a pristine Queensland beach, accessed by a short walk... or horseback!

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Whites Beach, Byron Bay

A dirt road, lack of parking and facilities and tricky access through bush ensure this idyllic Broken Head, NSW, beach, with its aquamarine waters, is off the tourist trail.

White's Beach in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
Yes - it is still possible to find your own private sliver of paradise in Byron!

Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory

It’s the round quartz grains of sand that create the sound that gives this Victorian place its cute name. Stay for sunset over the granite boulders.

Squeaky Beach in Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, Australia
The aptly-named Squeaky Beach is famous for its granite boulders and white sand.

Store Beach, Sydney

A breeding ground for little penguins (aka fairy penguins), this secluded harbour spot near Manly in the NSW capital is only accessible by boat or kayak.

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