Here’s how daydreaming about holiday travel at work lowers stress

Just a few minutes spent thinking about your dream holiday destination can make you a healthier employee as well as happier person.

Woman daydreaming while at work
  • Helen Hawkes
  • December 2019

Ever found yourself thinking about holiday travel when you were supposed to be preparing a report for your boss? You’re not alone.
A recent Dreaming Survey by Jetstar found 33 per cent of customers surveyed dream of travel when they’re stressed at the office.
Traffic jams and boring meetings were also named by 24 per cent of people as moments when they imagined being on vacation.

But, if you’re one of them, you probably deserve a raise, not a reprimand.
With absenteeism costing the Australian economy more than AUD $44 billion a year, anything that lowers stress is good for your company’s bottom line.

To relax, think about holiday travel

“When we are stressed because of the demands of work, we need to create balance,” says psychotherapist and relaxation expert Shirley Hughes.
“Thinking about planning a trip, or a dream holiday location, can lower stress hormones like cortisol.”

Girl booking holiday on laptop
The pleasure of a holiday begins right from the planning phase.

Confirms Dr Marc Cohen opens in new window, who leads wellness research within the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University: “What we think, good or bad, affects our brains, our immune system and our health.”
Our survey shows 28 per cent of people dream about travel to a favourite holiday destination, while 72 per cent want to visit new places and see new things. Either way, 93 per cent agreed holidays make us better people.

Shirley explains that thoughts of adventure, or of simply reclining on a deck chair by a sparkling hotel pool, are like medicine for the mind.
“Try to imagine how wonderful your holiday will feel, or daydream about your holiday destination in very colourful detail,” she says. “Then your thoughts have real power to relax you.”

Book a holiday and beat stress

Twenty-five per cent of respondents said imagining a relaxing beach holiday was their favourite daydream.

Girl practising yoga on the beach
Most people say a beach holiday is their favourite kind to dream about.

Dr Marc says we can use this mind-body connection, as we dream of holiday travel, to stay calm and be more productive at work.
But know that, whatever your holiday daydream is, making travel plans is even better for your health and happiness.

Our survey found 63 per cent of people find the booking process exciting, while 28 per cent love finding a cheap flight.
Another 25 per cent are thrilled to board the flight and 50 per cent said arriving at their holiday destination was the best part of all.
“When your feet hit the sand at your destination, you immediately have that holiday feeling and your worries drop away,” says Shirley.