Musician Jamie McDell reveals what's on her plane playlist

We’re huge fans of Kiwi musician Jamie McDell, recently partnering with her and bandmates as they flew around New Zealand and Australia for their latest tour. Set to hit the stage again in Dunedin and Queenstown, we’ve asked Jamie to reveal what’s on her plane playlist…

Jamie McDell and his band playing music.
  • Jamie McDell
  • August 2018

When travelling, there’s nothing better than the feel of the plane lifting off the ground and launching into the air – whether I’m going near or far, it’s a chance to step away from my daily responsibilities and get a moment to just sit and listen.

One of my travel essentials has to be a fully-charged phone, so I can access my playlist of fave tracks and completely tune out while my head is in the clouds. Have a read – or better yet, have a listen!

A photo collage of Jamie McDell.

Emmylou Harris – Pancho and Lefty

I always have an Emmylou song on my playlist – she has the most beautiful voice ever recorded. I can’t get enough of this beautiful story.

James Taylor – Carolina In My Mind

I’ve never been to Carolina, but James Taylor takes me there everytime. I love to listen to this song and picture one of my own homely destinations.

Miles Calder & The Rumours – The Avenue

Wellington-based Miles is a Kiwi singer with a beautiful tone. The band’s carefully structured songs remind me of driving through a golden country-side. Look no further than The Rumours if you want easy listening.

Mel Parsons – Driving Man

I love listening to Mel’s thoughtful lyrical stories, again another Kiwi treasure.

The La’s – There She Goes

This has to be one of the most beautifully recorded singles of all time, and also one I love to cover at our live shows.

A picture of a clouds with in a window of an Airplane.

Patty Griffin – Up to The Mountain

Be careful this one might get the tears flowing. It’s so heartfelt, and Patty’s voice goes right to the soul!

First Aid Kit – Fireworks

I love listening to these sisters harmonise. The Swedish folk sibling duo is real game-changing Americana.

Nadia Reid – Call The Days

One of my favourite Kiwis, her voice will help you drift into a magical daydream.

John Denver – Back Home Again

Flight nearly over? Push play on John Denver. His music taught me how to play, sing and write – he’s been my distant mentor for many years!

Kacey Musgraves – Slow Burn

Kacey is one of my favourite modern artists, she writes classic country with modern day irony, a little humour and a LOT of sass. Something to get me ready for whatever stepping off the plane holds!