Our Jetstar Golden Grammers show it’s never too late to travel

Winning the #JetstarGoldenGrammers competition means best buddies Fran and Sandra are on an adventure of a lifetime. Here’s what they’re getting up to.

  • Jetstar
  • November 2018

Hi there, we're Fran and Sandra, a.k.a. #Frandra, a.k.a. the lucky #JetstarGoldenGrammers competition winners. We're wild and crazy 25-year-olds trapped in 55-year-olds’ bodies. We love to travel and we're up for anything our bung knees will take.

From hiking through Kakadu to surfing at Bells Beach we'll give it a go. Laughter is our medicine and no subject is off limits, we're just too old now to care what other people think of us. Travelling with Jetstar, has been one wild ride and one that hopefully will never end.

Stay up-to-date with our adventures in Australia and overseas. We’ll be posting photo and video updates as we go and hopefully inspire you to get out there, whatever your age!


Our first stop was in the stunning NT where we explored Darwin and Kakadu.

About to head into Kakadu National Park, and pretty damn excited about it too!

Florence Falls was Sandra’s favourite waterfall in Litchfield National Park. Was hard getting her out of the water!

Fran capturing some #content on our Yellow Waters Billabong cruise in Kakadu
How peaceful does the Yellow Waters Billabong look? Just think how many crocs are lurking under the surface…