Here are 3 of the best new tech gadgets for 2019

This is the lowdown on the latest Google Pixel 3a, the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter and the Sphero Specdrums music toy.

A smiling woman wearing headphones carries a green bag.
  • Mark Gambino
  • September 2019

With the holiday season fast approaching, tech gadgets are a great gift option for fussy family members. From a great value smartphone, a tech toy and an inflight entertainment adapter, we’ve found the three best new products that will make the perfect travel companions.

Google Pixel 3a

Superior hardware with software smarts gives the Google Pixel 3a smartphone (AUD $649) an incredible low-light camera and portrait mode photography. The 12MP rear camera also shoots video at up to 240fps at 720p – great for sports and travel adventures. With a 1080p display for high-definition video and gaming, plus an all-day battery, it’s premium smartphone hardware that won’t bust the bank.

The Google Pixel 3a smartphone.
With an incredible low-light 12MP camera, the Google Pixel 3a will have you taking photos like a pro.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter

The smart audio adapter will give any device a wireless edge. Using the latest Bluetooth 5 aptX technology, the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter (AUD $75) offers up to 16 hours of wireless connectivity with a handheld game console, in-flight entertainment system or any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It even streams audio to two devices, so you can share that movie with a friend on a flight – genius.

The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter.
Make any handheld device wireless with the RHA Flight Adapter.

Sphero Specdrums

Create music and beats with the Sphero Specdrums (AUD $170), a high-tech toy that makes music by translating any colour into a sound. Download the Specdrums MIX app, then tap colours on the playing pad with the ring-like devices, which the app turns into tunes. You can explore the world around you by tapping any coloured surface – like a magazine, coffee mug or street sign – and also download a range of user-generated content to explore new instruments and beats.

The Sphero Spectrums tech toy.
Kids will love the Sphero Specdrums, which translates any colour into a musical sound.

So there you have it – you might even be tempted to add these three gadgets onto your own wish list!