Have you bought the gift everyone wants for Christmas? Hint: it’s not socks.

Help is at hand for those people who are impossible to find the perfect Christmas gift for - with a travel voucher, you can't go wrong.

Christmas presents under a tree
  • Helen Hawkes
  • December 2019

Only nine per cent of Aussies want a book for Christmas and only four per cent want chocolate, our recent festive season survey found. What’s more only two per cent want socks – but you already knew that!

Before you hang up your Santa hat, here’s the good news - there is one, no-fail present that is number one on the most-wanted gift list.

A whopping 85 per cent of people want a travel voucher for Christmas. This gift was almost five times as popular as a department store gift voucher (78 per cent versus 16 per cent).

“Aussies do love a good wander,” says travel TV presenter Catriona Rowntree. “We are boundless with our enthusiasm and curiosity for travel.

“Although we quietly agree ‘how good is Australia’, we never lose our wanderlust.”

A travel experience beats owning stuff

Getting a travel voucher for Christmas is a passport to fun and adventure, says frequent traveller Samantha Lippiatt, director of Health & Fitness Travel.

“Travel means meeting new people, seeing new places and doing new things,” she says.

“You might take a flight over the Twelve Apostles, sleep under the stars in outback South Australia, or hike the Southern Alps of New Zealand.”

A girl at a train station.
Australians rank experiences higher than possessions.

The best part of this number one gift is that you get an ‘experience’ not just more ‘stuff’, says Samantha.

Only 16 per cent of respondents thought owning something was better than something you could do (84 per cent).

Research shows this trend is led by Millennials who want to invest in experiences that improve life rather than spend money to buy things.1

Compared to material objects that provide initial joy, travel experiences continue to provide happiness through memories long after you've returned, says Samantha.

Travel is the most popular New Year resolution

Giving the gift of holiday travel also helps those you love to keep their New Year resolutions.

An incredible 89 per cent of people in a recent Jetstar Global Travel Survey of 30,000 people wanted to travel more. Holiday travel even beat getting more exercise (73 per cent) and eating healthier (73 per cent).

A girl looking through a photo album.
Millennials want to invest in memories rather than material gifts.

“Travel helps us discover who we are, or reinvent ourselves, as well as disconnect, relax and recharge,” says Samantha.

Other favourite Christmas give ideas included an iPad or Kindle (52 per cent), headphones (35 per cent) or a neck pillow (11 per cent).