A buyer’s guide to Smart Home Cameras

Before heading out for a holiday, ramp up your home security with these internet accessible cameras that are great for keeping an eye on your home and checking up on pets while you are away.

  • Mark Gambino
  • December 2019

In an increasingly connected world, you can now use smart devices to be your eyes and ears when you’re away from home. Working with your home internet network, these IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets can be accessed and controlled anywhere in the world from a smartphone or tablet.

How to choose a smart home camera

Decide what areas of your home you want to monitor, how you want to achieve it – live video, audio detection, smoke detection for example – and what for (security, to chat to your kids or just to keep an eye on pets?), then buy accordingly, as features vary. Check also if the device will work with your preferred digital assistant such as Google Assistant or Siri.
Most smart home cameras come with a wide-angle lens and night vision is also common. There are also cameras specifically for pet monitoring that you place closer to the ground so you can chat to Fido or call your cat – no guarantee they will actually come!

Some devices are specifically designed to help monitor your pet pooch.

The 3 best smart home cameras to try...

Receive motion alerts direct to your smartphone and take control of this 360-degree HD camera to see into every corner of the room with the Connect 360 Pan & Tilt Camera (AUD $129). You can also connect to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for manual control.
Manage Google services including messaging, calendar and calls with the Google Nest Hub Max (AUD $349), a Google Assistant smart display. The wide-angle camera and 10-inch HD screen are great for video calls as well as monitoring your home.

A Google Nest can help assist with everything from calls to calendars.

Keep in contact with your furry friend with this smart camera and feeder combo. Furbo Dog Camera (AUD $359) lets you chat with them over the two-way audio speaker as you hand out a dog treat. Now, sit!

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