The world's tallest tree is in Tasmania!

Tasmania is home to such striking natural beauty, it's not surprising that it is also the location of the world's tallest hardwood tree.

The Tahune Forest is the home of a giant.
  • Kaitlyn Palmer-Allen
  • February 2019

In Tasmania’s south-west, about four kilometres from the Tahune Airwalk in the Huon Valley, stands a massive tree aptly dubbed the Centurion. At a whopping 100 metres, the mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) is not only the tallest known eucalyptus in the world but is thought to be the tallest hardwood tree and flowering plant, too.

In 1871, botanist Ferdinand von Mueller described the eucalyptus species using the Latin word regnans meaning “ruling”, alluding to its towering height. But when Forestry Tasmania staff discovered the 100-metre Eucalyptus regnans specimen using laser technology in 2008, it quickly earned the nickname Centurion – the title given to military officers who commanded 100 soldiers in the Roman army.

While the North American coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) stands a little taller than the mountain ash, it is neither a hardwood nor a flowering plant so the Centurion will continue to hold its record… at least until an even taller tree is discovered (probably in Tasmania).

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