Travel Alerts

Disruption to flights due to industrial actions between 13 and 20 December

Last Updated: 14/12/2019 06:02 AM

We have been notified by the Australian Federation of Airline Pilots and the Transport Workers Union that they plan to take a range of industrial actions that could disrupt travel between December 14 and December 20, 2019.

Our teams are working hard to minimise the disruption to customers.

What you need to know and do if you're travelling between 13 and 20 December

  • Make sure your contact details are up to date:
    If your fight is affected we will contact you directly via SMS and email as soon as we know so please make sure your contact details are up to date. The best way to do this is via Manage My Booking.

  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours we’ll look after you:
    You will be offered the choice of an alternate flight or a refund. For customers who have to overnight away from home as a result of this disruption we will also offer accommodation and meals to a specified value.

  • If your flight is rescheduled or cancelled you can choose a new one without calling us:
    Just follow the link in your email or SMS to our Recovery Portal and you can review your flight options.

  • You can cancel your travel now and receive a refund online:
    We understand this industrial action creates uncertainty, and so if you are travelling with us between 13 and 20 December and you want to cancel your flight and make other plans, you can request a refund directly by filling up this FORM.

  • Flights from December 21 onwards to January 3
    For those travelling with us between December 21 and January 3, the Australian Federation of Airline Pilots has advised it will not take industrial action during this period.

Flights operated by Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Pacific are not affected by this industrial action.

You can find out more about the reasons behind the workers' industrial action HERE.

This Travel Alert will be updated regularly with the latest information.

We have proactively cancelled the following flights and are re-accommodating passengers on alternate services.

Sunday 15 December

  • JQ402     Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ405     Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ456     Sydney to Ballina
  • JQ457     Ballina to Sydney
  • JQ560     Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ563     Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ603     Sydney to Avalon
  • JQ604     Avalon to Sydney
  • JQ632     Avalon to Adelaide
  • JQ633     Adelaide to Avalon
  • JQ758     Hobart to Brisbane
  • JQ759     Brisbane to Hobart
  • JQ762     Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ763     Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ780     Sydney to Sunshine Coast
  • JQ781     Sunshine Coast to Sydney
  • JQ886     Brisbane to Mackay
  • JQ887     Mackay to Brisbane
  • JQ928     Brisbane to Cairns
  • JQ929     Cairns to Brisbane
  • JQ930     Brisbane to Cairns
  • JQ931     Cairns to Brisbane
  • JQ944     Melbourne to Cairns
  • JQ945     Cairns to Melbourne
  • JQ952     Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ953     Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ954     Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ957     Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ966     Gold Coast to Cairns
  • JQ967     Cairns to Gold Coast
  • JQ109     Bali to Perth
  • JQ110     Perth to Bali
  • JQ210     Queenstown to Melbourne
  • JQ211     Melbourne to Queenstown
  • JQ401     Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ406     Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ501      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ529     Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ504     Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ503     Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ506     Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ528     Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ602     Avalon to Sydney
  • JQ605     Sydney to Avalon
  • JQ700     Hobart to Melbourne
  • JQ701     Melbourne to Hobart
  • JQ765     Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ766     Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ810     Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ813     Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ903     Townsville to Brisbane
  • JQ904      Brisbane to Townsville
  • JQ941     Cairns to Melbourne
  • JQ942     Melbourne to Cairns

Jetstar ends regional NZ flying from 1 December 2019

Last Updated: 15/10/2019 10:47 PM

Wednesday 16 October 2019 - 11:45am NZST

Jetstar has confirmed its proposal to end flying on all its New Zealand domestic regional turboprop routes from 01 December 2019.

Flights have now been cancelled from 01 December this year on the following routes: 

  • Auckland to/from Nelson, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, and
  • Wellington to/from Nelson.

We will be emailing all customers booked on these routes from 01 December 2019 with options, including a full refund.

For customers booked with other airlines from 01 December 2019 that includes a flight on our regional turboprop network, those airlines will be in touch with you on your options.

Please note that it’s business as usual for all other Jetstar domestic and international services.

We apologise for any disruption to your travel plans.