Jetstar is discontinuing Plus and Max Protect: Plus and Max Protect will only be included in Starter Plus/Max bundles for flights departing before 25 October 2020. If you have a Starter Plus or Starter Max bundle fare and change your flight to a date after 25 October 2020, Plus or Max protect will no longer be included in your bundle fare.,

Plus Protect and Max Protect is a payment issued to eligible Jetstar Japan (GK) passengers in the event of certain flight cancellations or delays, or bad weather.

Check the Plus Protect and Max Protect Terms and Conditions for full details.

To be eligible to receive a payment, you must have purchased a Starter Plus or a Starter Max bundle on your Jetstar Japan (GK) domestic flight.

Payment amount

Eligible passengers will receive JPY 10,000 in the case of Starter fare with Plus bundle and JPY 20,000 in the case of Starter fare with Max bundle per flight.

Conditions of the payment

  • Passengers who have purchased a Plus or Max bundle are eligible to claim this payment. The payout is distributed once, per passenger, per flight.
  • When there is a cancellation of a Jetstar Japan (GK) operated domestic flight.
  • When a Jetstar Japan (GK) operated domestic flight is delayed for 6 hours or more from the initially scheduled departure time.
  • When a Jetstar Japan (GK) operated domestic flight is diverted and terminated at a non-scheduled destination port.
  • If a passenger who experiences a cancellation or delay chooses to refund their flight booking, they are not eligible for the Plus Protect or Max Protect payment. The payment is limited to a passenger who continuously uses Jetstar Japan (GK) flight or other transportation arranged by Jetstar Japan (GK).
  • These exclude cancellations, suspensions or delay of Jetstar Japan (GK) flights that are 12 hours or more in advance of the initially scheduled departure time.

Claim of special payment

To claim your payment, eligible passengers must apply through Online Application Form.

How to claim

  1. Read the Plus Protect and Max Protect Terms and Conditions
  2. Fill all fields of Online Application Form
  3. Submit information
  4. You will receive an email from Jetstar regarding to remittance around 10th day of following month of application.
  5. Please follow guidance on the email.

*If you are not eligible for claim, we will let you know by email.
The Plus Protect and Max Protect Terms and Conditions apply to the Plus Protect and Max Protect products.