The new cafe-hopping neighbourhood in Bangkok

Escape the unrelenting traffic in Sukhumvit and head to Ari. Just 15 minutes from Pratunam, this laid-back residential neighbourhood is home to gorgeous cafes made for the ’gram.

Daydream Believer, Ari Bangkok
  • Jetstar Asia
  • February 2019

Forget Ekkamai. The quiet, leafy alleys of Ari are the way to up your cafe-hopping game in Bangkok. Here are some of the best spots to check out in the ’hood.

Some Time Blue, Ari, Bangkok
If black coffee’s not for you, go with the Gravity Latte, where cold coffee slowly drips into a glass of cream.

1. Some Time Blue

Award-winning drip coffee specialist Sutida Srirungthum at Some Time Blue proves that good things come to those who wait. The use of freshly ground coffee beans, the right ratio of hot water to coffee, and the ideal temperature of the water ensure you get the full flavour of coffee without any astringent taste.

Witty Ville, Ari Bangkok
Freshly baked scones and tea … now, that’s a different way to start your day in Bangkok! Photo: Witty Ville/Facebook

2. Witty Ville

Great scones are hard to come by even in the UK, so who’d expect this quaint cafe in Bangkok to be one of the few places to successfully make luscious, buttery and light scones? There are flavours like orange blossom and Nutella but we say go old school and order plain scones served with clotted cream and jam, and a pot of tea. Pinkie up!

OneDeeCafe, Ari, Bangkok
Come to OneDee Cafe for unique desserts. Photo: OneDee Cafe/Facebook

3. OneDee Cafe

It’s a tiny space with a décor that’s best described as “generically hip” but you’d be mistaken to think it’s run of the mill. From creative espresso-based drinks like palm sugar macchiato coffee to ice cream parfaits inspired by traditional Thai desserts like coconut cream ice cream with sweet-savoury sticky rice, Onedee is a standout in a neighbourhood that’s home to countless cool cafes.

4. Daydream Believer

Step beyond the huge gates into the light-filled glasshouse surrounded by a beautiful English garden, and you won’t feel like you’re in Bangkok anymore. You will however, definitely feel like you’re on holiday. Tuck into a lemon meringue pie that looks as pretty as its surroundings, sip on a rich hot chocolate and watch the world go by.

Puritan, Ari, Bangkok
Head to Puritan for Japanese-style cakes, curated collection of premium tea blends and cool backdrops for #OOTD shots. Photo: Puritan/Facebook

5. Puritan

It’s like stepping into an episode of Hoarders, only that the “junk” in this charming café opens in new window is an eclectic mix of velvet European furniture, Greek statues, antiques and collectables that look straight out of the 18th century. For people looking to take home a souvenir, Puritan retails their blended tea leaves in cute vintage-looking tins.

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