Where you make a contribution to offset carbon emissions on Jetstar flights, the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Carbon offsetting is a voluntary charge.

2. Your payment will include a GST component. The GST component of your payment will not be allocated towards greenhouse gas abatement projects.

3. Jetstar will not charge you a separate card payment fee for a carbon offset.

4. Your contribution and the applicable GST will not be refunded under any circumstances, including in the event we cancel your flight or where you fail to travel on your scheduled flight.

5. Jetstar will provide you with a tax invoice by email when you make your contribution. This will be provided as part of your normal itinerary receipt. Jetstar will not provide duplicate tax invoices.

6. The Jetstar Fly Carbon Neutral Program has been certified under the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Under NCOS, Jetstar is accredited to calculate your emissions for flights operating under both Qantas and Jetstar flight numbers.

7. The method for calculating greenhouse gas emissions is the same for the Jetstar and Qantas networks. The calculation method provides a reasonable emissions estimate only and should not be relied upon as an accurate record of the actual emissions attributable to your seat on your flight. We accept no liability if the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions relating to your seat on your flight is incorrect or inaccurately reflects actual greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your seat on your flight.

8. Your contribution will be used to acquire ‘Eligible Offset Units’ as defined under the NCOS. We may at our discretion acquire Eligible Offset Units from certified greenhouse gas abatement suppliers of our choice. You are not able to direct us to allocate the funds to any particular greenhouse gas abatement projects or suppliers.

9. Jetstar makes best efforts to ensure that all information transmitted to you in relation to our carbon offsetting program is accurate. Jetstar may modify or delete this information from time to time without notice to you. Jetstar is not liable to you or any third party for any claim arising from inaccurate or out of date information.

10. Jetstar reserves the right to suspend or terminate this carbon offsetting arrangement in its absolute discretion and at any time, without giving notice to you. This arrangement will be subject to any applicable legislative or other regulatory controls imposed by State and Federal Governments, whether existing now or at any time in the future.

11. These Terms and Conditions are effective as at 22 October 2015 and may be amended by Jetstar from time to time without giving notice to you. You should also read the general terms and conditions that apply to use of the Jetstar.com website.