Why queue when you don't have to? Go Straight to Gate!

Straight to Gate is available for passengers with no checked baggage and no visa or other entry requirements travelling on selected Jetstar Asia (3K) flights.

If this is you, all you need to do is check in online, get your boarding pass before check-in closes and head directly to the boarding gate.

You might also be able to use a mobile boarding pass.

Check out the list of Straight to Gate flights.

Remember: Straight to Gate is not available for bookings made through Jetstar Group Bookings, if you’ve booked an extra legroom seat (except Jetstar Asia flights departing from Singapore), if you’re travelling with an infant or need specific assistance, or if there’s an outstanding balance on your fare.

Jetstar would like to remind our customers that the purchase of tickets to enter the transit area, without the intention to travel, is an offence in Singapore. Offenders are liable to a fine or imprisonment or both by local authorities.

Got carry-on baggage only, but need a visa or documentation check?

If you're travelling with carry-on baggage only, but do need a visa or other documentation check, you can still check-in online, but you’ll have to head to the Jetstar document check desk in the check-in area for a quick document and visa verification check. Make sure your document check is done before check-in closes, and then head to your departure gate.

Got checked baggage, but don’t need a visa or documentation check?

If you’ve got checked baggage you can still check-in online. When you get to the airport, head to the bag drop desks in the check-in hall to process your bags. Make sure you do the bag drop before the check-in closes, and then head to your departure gate.

For the full set of Straight to Gate requirements, see: Straight to Gate International flights.