Flying with kids? Welcome aboard!

Lots of families fly with Jetstar and we’re always happy to help make things easier.

Get organised ahead of your flight by adding extras such as checked baggage, kids’ meals and in-flight entertainment when you book.

Please note, there are some important details to keep in mind before you book your family trip with us.

Infants (under 2 years)

  • At Jetstar we refer to children under 2 years old as infants.
  • If you’re travelling with your infant on your lap, there’s an infant fee on all flights except New Zealand and flights to and from Cook Islands.
  • There’s no carry-on or checked baggage allowance for infants travelling on their parent’s lap. Anything you bring for your infant will count towards your carry-on or checked baggage allowance, except you can bring a pram, stroller, portable cot and highchair as checked baggage for free. You won’t be charged the oversized item fee for any of these items.
  • We don’t carry infant food or formula on board, but we're happy for you to bring your own.
  • If your infant can sit up in an aircraft seat unaided, you can purchase them an allocated seat. If your infant is unable to sit up unaided, you can still purchase an allocated seat, but you must bring a car seat on board for them to sit in.
  • Car seats must meet strict requirements. You must contact us by phone to add a car seat to your booking as a limited number can be fitted on each flight. Please note,on domestic flights within New Zealand on Q300 aircraft, car seats can’t be brought on board, but they can be checked in at no charge.
  • Car seats can’t be used on any Jetstar Japan (GK) flights.
  • Infants not occupying a seat don’t have a carry-on baggage or checked-baggage allowance.

See: What do I need to know about travelling with my infant?


We have some important information for both expectant mums and those who’ve recently given birth. Please read through the details on our Pregnancy page before you book. 

Travelling with more than one child

  • On all Jetstar flights, one adult (or an accompanying passenger) can travel with up to four children. This can include up to two infants, but one infant must be travelling in an allocated seat. If you’re travelling with more than four children, or more than two infants, you must add another adult or accompanying passenger to your booking. See Independent travellers and accompanying passengers for details and requirements.

  • If you’re travelling with children, it’s your responsibility to look after and supervise them during your flight. Our staff will do what they can to help, but you must be able to properly care for all the children on your booking.

Young passengers travelling alone

To learn more about young passengers travelling alone, please see our help page.

Family travel and baggage

If you are travelling with infants or small children you can bring a pram, stroller, portable cot, and highchair as checked baggage, for free, regardless of fare and in addition to any checked-baggage allowance.

Family travel and seating

You can select and purchase seats for your family when you book through our website or on the phone. If you choose not to select your seats, they will be randomly assigned at check in, at no additional cost. We do our best to seat families together when we allocate seating but we can’t guarantee this, so it’s best to select your seats when you book. Remember, fees apply when you make or change a booking by phone.

  • If you are bringing an approved car seat it must be fitted onto a window seat and can’t be in an exit row. See: What do I need to know about bringing a car seat on board? You must also contact us if you're bringing a car seat.
  • Parents nursing an infant on their lap, can’t travel in an exit row
  • Passengers less than 15 years old can't travel in an exit row 
  • If you’re booked on an international flight travelling on a Boeing 787 you can request a bassinet