We're known for our all day, every day, low fares. However, when you book a flight, you’re not just paying for a seat on a plane. You’re also paying a range of fees and taxes, depending on the route you’re flying, set by aviation authorities and governments which are outside of our control.

From 1 July 2018, Passenger Service and Security Fee and Landing, Parking and Aerobridge fees will go up by SGD$2.50 and 1 per cent, respectively, each year until 2024. There will also be an Airport Development Levy (ADL) added to all fares departing or transiting through Singapore’s Changi Airport. If you depart from this airport, there will be an additional SGD$10.80 ADL per passenger added to your fare. If in transit at this airport, there will be a SGD$3 ADL added to your fare.

Why is this being added?
Singapore’s Changi Airport is a major transport hub. However, significant increases in air traffic has meant that the airport is reaching its capacity to meet the needs of so many travellers. That’s why the airport is undertaking a multi-billion-dollar expansion, to ensure the future of state-of-the-art travel.

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