Testing requirements

Where to get tested

Showing proof of test results

Changes to your flight

Some destinations have COVID-19 pre-departure testing as an entry or transit requirement. These are specific tests that can only be completed at select labs or provided by a medical practitioner, for a fee.

You will need to take this test even if you have a received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Important: Check airline and government websites regularly to ensure you understand and meet any requirements and are eligible for travel. Travel requirements vary between destinations and can change at short notice.

Testing requirements

Why do I need a test?

Testing helps ensure the safety of passengers, prevents the spread of COVID-19 in the community and is a government requirement to travel to certain destinations.

Will I be required to take a COVID-19 test?

Testing requirements will depend on your destination. Please note that the cost, test types, time frame and minimum age for testing can vary. If you are visiting multiple destinations, you will need to follow the strictest requirements.

To get the latest information, we recommend checking government websites before you book and before you fly to ensure you're eligible to travel and have all necessary documentation.

Will my child be required to take a COVID-19 test?

The minimum age for passengers required to take a test will depend on your destination. Check the latest government requirements to determine if children in your booking are required to take a test.

Is the test free?

No, pre-departure COVID-19 tests are taken at select labs or provided by a medical practitioner for a fee. These tests vary in cost from provider to provider and you will need to cover any expenses to complete your test and receive your result.

Will I need to take a test for each flight?

You will need to check the government requirements for each destination on your itinerary (including any transit/connecting flights) and have a test if required. This may mean having one test before you depart and another test before your return flight.

Do I need a test when I arrive at my destination?

Some destinations my require testing upon arrival. Check government websites for the latest information.

What type of test do I need?

The type of test you need will depend on your destination, so be sure to check government websites to see which test you need to have before you travel.

Some examples of tests are:

Type of test More information
Viral nucleic acid tests (NAAT):

Polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR or RT-PCR)
PCR tests are the gold standard of COVID-19 testing and are universally accepted by all countries that require a pre-departure test.

Some may also accept RT-LAMP or other NAAT tests, please refer to government websites.
Lateral flow tests (LFT/LFD):

Rapid Antigen tests (RAT or ART)
Rapid antigen tests can provide a result in 15-30 minutes, however are less sensitive than a PCR test and is not accepted by all countries.

Self-administered antigen tests may not be accepted, please refer to government websites.
Antibody (or serology) tests:

IgM antibody test
Antibody tests can indicate whether you've had past exposure to COVID-19 and may be required in addition to PCR tests in some countries.

When do I need to take the COVID-19 test?

Your pre-departure testing window may vary depending on the country you're travelling to and your vaccination status. You'll need to check the government requirements, including that of any transit destinations and follow the strictest requirements.

If based on hours, you need to count back from the scheduled departure time of your first international flight. If the time frame is based on calendar days, your day of departure counts as day 0. If you are flying on a Friday and your destination requires you to take a test 3 days prior to travel, you can take the test anytime on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

You may consider getting your test closer to departure to allow for any potential flight delays, as long as you can get the results in time.

Jetstar does not take responsibility for any delay by a test provider in providing results. It's your responsibility to ensure you obtain a valid COVID-19 test certificate in time for check-in.

Where to get tested

You will need to have your test at an approved provider.

Remember, you'll need to check that the lab or medical practitioner you select offers the test type you need for your destination and can provide your results in time.

Showing proof of test results

You will need to show proof that you have received your negative test result at time of check-in.

To be accepted, your test result document must show:

  • Your full name as shown on your passport
  • Your date of birth or passport number
  • The date and time you had the test
  • The name of the laboratory where the test was performed
  • The type of test conducted
  • The brand and make of test (for RAT tests)
  • Your test results

For a RAT, the test must be undertaken by or under the supervision of a medical practitioner (e.g. pharmacist, general practitioner, nurse, pathologist, pathology collector or trained personnel at airport-based testing stations).

Important: All test results must be certified, verified and documented by an approved laboratory staff member or health professional.

Printed or digital copies in an approved format may be used to show your results during travel. All of the above information must be clearly visible in order to be accepted. We recommend you print a copy in addition to your digital version in case you experience any issues with your phone or need to present a paper copy at your destination.

What if my test is inconclusive?

If your test is inconclusive, it will be treated as a positive test and you will not be permitted to travel.

What if I have previously had COVID-19?

If you've previously had COVID-19, a test may show a positive result even if you are no longer infected. If a negative COVID-19 test result is required by the destination you are travelling to, you may need to apply for COVID-19 past positive medical clearance with us. You may also need to carry proof of recovery to comply with individual country requirements.

Changes to your flight

What if my flight is cancelled or delayed after I have taken my test?

Some countries will accept your COVID-19 test results even if your flight has been delayed.

If your flight is cancelled and you are travelling on a different departure date, this could impact the validity of your test and you may be required to complete a new test.

Always check government requirements for the country you are travelling to or transiting through for the latest information.

What if I feel unwell before my flight?

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the week leading up to your flight, please get in touch with us to discuss your options.


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