It’s time to treat yourself!

For most travellers, the thought of flying business class to Bali is a gauzey dream, one that can only be made real by a seriously fat wallet.

Woman enjoying a beach massage in Bali.
  • Jetstar
We just get used to that economy lifestyle. But maybe, once in a while, it might be fun to just, well, treat yourself. Could be for a destination wedding or a special occasion, could just be because you’ve been working hard and damn it, you deserve it, but maybe now’s the time to get a glimpse of the high life. And guess what? Your wallet doesn’t need to be all that fat.

Jetstar’s Business Class offers a very affordable version of this brand of luxury travel on their aptly named Dreamliners. You’ll get more room to recline and relax, a glass of sparkling once you’re seated, and a luxury comfort pack to help you relax even more. There’s hours and hours of in-flight entertainment, a smart wine list and some next level dining – think three-course meals and snacks on demand. Really – if you’re treating yourself to a well-deserved holiday, why not go all the way and fly Business? 

Want the full picture?

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