This is THE most Instagrammable hair salon in Singapore

Tucked away in an old office space, behind a tiny yellow door and through another hidden door lies Chez Vous Hideaway — part-hair salon, part-playhouse, and the latest spot in Singapore to add to your Instagram bucket list.

Chez Vous Hideaway
  • Cheong Kamei
  • December 2018

This is not like any hair salon Singapore has ever seen. Like a speakeasy cocktail bar, it has deliberately made its location unassuming and unexpected by taking over a former office space way up on the 14th floor of Ngee Ann City, seven floors above the shopping area.

Chez Vous Hideaway entrance
Chez Vous Hideaway is definitely not your typical hair salon.

Then there’s the entrance to the hair salon. Nope, no big glass doors with a full view of customers getting pampered. Instead, a yellow neon-lit door that opens to a Hogswarts-inspired library.

Chez Vous Hideaway reception area
What is this room? Oh, you know, just Chez Vous Hideaway’s reception area.

What is this place?

The remotest sign that Chez Vous Hideaway is actually a hair salon, and not a whimsical themed park comes when you push through a life-sized frame painting in the “library” and enter the Re:Charge relaxation den. Even then, there’s not a single sign of a pair of scissors — just comfy leather massage chairs where you’re supposed to enjoy red light scalp therapy, and an oxygen bar with a peppermint oil nebuliser.

Chez Vous Hideaway relaxation lounge
You’re encouraged to drop by 15 minutes ahead of your appointed time to enjoy free tea and spa snacks at the Relaxation Lounge. That’s after the quintessential Instagram pic in front of the floral wall, of course.

The space where you get your haircut is an urban-minimalist space that looks straight out of a modern museum. It has a green bathtub in the centre of the room for — yep, you got it — more Instagram shots.

Chez Vous Hideaway hair salon
Cool fact: The lights used were chosen to mimic natural light so you feel more relaxed (and you know, get better Instagram pics).

It’s a hair salon, really.

With so much going on with the 1,800 square-foot space, it can be easy to forget that you’re actually there to get your hair done. But you’ll remember as soon as your two-hour hair service begins. It starts with a bespoke aromatherapy journey, where your stylist will recommend essential oils to accompany you through each step of your hair service.

Chez Vous Hideaway Wash Cave
Talk about a view! The Wash Cave at Chez Vous Hideaway where you get your hair washed features digital aquatic art to enhance relaxation.

When it comes to your hair service, each stylist only takes up to five appointments daily so there’s no rushing through the job (and plenty of space for every customer to frame their perfect OOTD shot). And despite its new, fancy concept, Chez Vous is a hair salon brand with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and all the hair stylists have at least 10 years of experience, so you’re in safe hands.

One last shot for the road

Chez Vous Hideaway Exit
Get in your last Instagram pic before you leave Chez Vous Hideaway at the turquoise exit.

Of course, a space that’s dedicated to the ’gram will not rob you of a pic of your post-hair salon ’do. The turquoise coloured exit lane is the perfect backdrop for your selfie shots. So go ahead, strike a pose.

Chez Vous Hideaway is at #14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B (Takashimaya).
Tel: 6219 3558. By appointment only.