Your preflight checklist: 6 important things most travellers forget to do before flying

Take the stress out of travelling with this handy checklist that covers everything from the things people often forget to pack to smart ways to protect your belongings.

Packed suitcase
  • Emily Wang
  • November 2019
Brought to you by Jetstar Travel Insurance

The days leading up to that much-needed vacation are often the busiest. You’re probably working overtime trying to clear as much work as you can before leaving, packing your luggage, and picking up last-minute items to take on your trip.

In the midst of that frenzy, it can be easy for some things to slip your mind. Here are six must-do’s before you travel.

1. Take a photo of your luggage belongings

Laying out your belongings
Make sure you lay out all your valuables neatly and clearly before taking the photo.

Take a photo of your belongings to make sure you have evidence if anything in your luggage turns up missing or damaged. It'll be even better if you make a list of everything you have.

Protect your belongings!

According to aviation IT specialist SITA, 40 bags get mishandled globally every minute. That’s why you should always get travel insurance, even if you’re going on a short trip. Jetstar Travel Insurance opens in new window offers up to SGD $2,000 coverage for baggage and personal effects.

2. Make a photocopy of your passport

Random fun fact: Queen Elizabeth II does not need a passport to travel because passports are issued on her authority and in her name.

Not many travellers know that many countries such as Thailand and Italy require travellers to carry their passports at all times. However, it's probably safer to keep your passport in the hotel and travel with a photocopy of it instead. In the rare event you get stopped by a policeman or authorised officer, a photocopy will usually suffice.

What should you do if you lose your passport overseas?

Head to the nearest police station immediately. Take note that passports that have been reported lost cannot be used to travel, even if you recover it later. Losing your passport can be incredibly stressful, but Jetstar Travel Insurance opens in new window provides 24-hour assistance, and can direct you to the nearest police station or other relevant authorities.

3. Check if you need a visa

Melbourne, Australia
Australia is one of the destinations many Singaporean travellers forget they need a visa to enter.

Japan, Singapore and South Korea might have some of the world’s most powerful passports opens in new window, but there are some bucket list holiday destinations such as Bhutan, Russia and India that still require you to apply for a visa before entering the country.

4. Rent a portable Wi-Fi hotspot

It doesn’t take an experienced hacker to create a fake public Wi-Fi network.

Avoid connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, especially ones you can connect to instantly. These connections are unencrypted so it’s easy for hackers to see what websites you’re looking at. 87 percent of people have at some point put their personal information at risk by using public Wi-Fi, according to this report by Norton Security opens in new window.

Arrange for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot before you fly. This arms you with a password-secured network connection so you can surf the web with peace of mind.

5. Pack a phone charger

Mobile phone
Invest in a power bank so you never run out of juice when you’re out and about.

It's a holiday essential but for some reason, the phone charger is the most common item people forget to pack. According to Amazon opens in new window, a whopping 11 million were ordered on its mobile app in 2016. Other items that made the list include camera chargers, toothpaste and swimsuits. Put together a standard packing list of essentials you can use for every trip.

6. Buy travel insurance

It might seem like a downer to think about all the unfortunate things that can happen on a holiday, but it’s better to be prepared for the worst than blindly hope for the best. Even if your personal insurance or credit card covers you for personal accidents or emergency medical evacuation, travel insurance is designed specifically to cover you for all the other common risks that are part of travelling.

Bangkok floating market
Jetstar Travel Insurance offers coverage to all destinations within the Jetstar network, including popular cities such as Bangkok, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City.

For example, Jetstar Travel Insurance opens in new window offers single-trip plans that cover you for flight delays, trip cancellations and loss of baggage. Plus, you have access to 24-hour emergency medical assistance, which includes everything from directing you to the nearest embassy and medical facility to coordinating your evacuation.

Get a quote from Jetstar Travel Insurance for your next trip here opens in new window.

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