Offset your trip with one click at Jetstar

At Jetstar we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. The Qantas Group has been addressing its emissions through purchasing and investing in carbon projects for more than a decade.

Where does the money go?

Fly Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit program. That means 100% of your contribution goes towards projects that work to prevent, remove or reduce carbon emissions, while supporting local communities. Over the years the Qantas Group has invested your money into more than 40 projects in Australia and around the world.

All projects are certified under the Australian government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Products and Services, so you can contribute with confidence.

The Warddeken Daluk (Women) Rangers

Fighting fire with fire

Northern Australia is prone to extreme and dangerous wildfires. Every year Indigenous rangers use traditional fire management practices to conduct early season dry burns, preventing larger uncontrolled wildfires. Our investment in these projects help to not only significantly reduce emissions but supports Indigenous economic development through our commitment in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Warddeken Daluk (Women) Rangers. Image credit: David Hancock

 April Salumei Rainforest Conservation

Rainforest conservation

Large areas of tropical rainforest in Papua New Guinea are under threat of deforestation and degradation. Our investment in the April Salumei Rainforest Conservation project helps to protect rainforest that would otherwise be cleared - securing vital wildlife habitat, supporting local communities, and preventing the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

April Salumei Rainforest Conservation – Papua New Guinea. Image credit: TEM

World Vision Clean Cookstoves

Energy-efficient cooking stoves

Increasing energy needs in developing countries are contributing to deforestation, reducing a forest's ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Our investment funds the distribution of energy-efficient cook stoves to farming families in rural Ethiopia that currently use open fires to cook. The cook stoves reduce air pollution, emit less black soot and methane, and reduce deforestation.

World Vision Clean Cookstoves - Ethiopia. Image credit: TEM

How can I offset my Jetstar flight?

We calculate the emissions for each route we fly, which we show you when you book at Just look for the Fly Carbon Neutral option on the payment page and click to make your voluntary contribution.

Carbon offsetting is available for any Jetstar Airways (JQ) flight.

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Visit Our planet to see the work the Qantas Group is doing to minimise our impact on the environment, from carbon offsetting to reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill.