Busselton and Margaret River on a budget

With a bonanza of outdoor activities and natural attractions on offer, the Busselton and Margaret River region is ideal for travellers on a budget.

River beach. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia
  • Jetstar
  • June 2021

Keen to see what all the buzz is about but worried the Busselton and Margaret River region will come with a hefty price tag? Relax! Some of its best-known highlights are low cost, and even free!

Let’s go to the beach

No matter what kind of beachgoer you are, the glorious coastline of southwest WA has got you covered. With memorable names like Bombie, Gallows, Surfer’s Point and Left Handers, the region’s 75 surf breaks beckon adrenaline junkies and awed spectators alike. Meelup Beach, Bunker Bay and Dunsborough Foreshore (to name a few) will delight those seeking less boisterous conditions, with silken white sand and tranquil turquoise water perfect for floating, swimming and stand-up paddle-boarding. Dog-friendly beaches, snorkelling spots and seasonal whale playgrounds add to the fun.

Location: coastline between Busselton and Augusta

Woman in an upright hammock gazes out at Meelup Beach, Dunsborough. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia.
Pick a beach, any beach... in this case, the idyllic Meelup Beach, Dunsborough! Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Admire the views from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Perched at the point where the Indian Ocean crashes into the Southern Ocean, you’ll find mainland Australia’s tallest lighthouse, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Constructed in 1895, this towering structure still lights the way for boats to navigate the perilous waters around the cape. Take a tour to the top for wild and windswept ocean views, and learn about the lighthouse-keeping families who’ve lived there over the years. With its rugged end-of-the-world atmosphere and colliding oceans, Cape Leeuwin will make you glad you’re on terra firma!

Location: Leeuwin Road, Augusta

Aerial view of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta, with wild water all around it. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia
The historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse sits on Australia’s most southwesterly point. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Treat your tastebuds at Margaret River Farmers’ Market

The Margaret River region is foodie heaven. Top-notch restaurants, organic cafes and renowned wineries compete with gourmet stores and artisanal confectionary merchants for the tourist dollar – making it easy to blow the budget. A cheaper option is to get your tasty goodies directly from local farmers and producers at the Margaret River Farmers’ Market. This award-winning Saturday market is food-focused – no craft. Expect everything from home-made pasta and boutique olive oil to exquisite chocolate, mouth-watering seafood, and the freshest seasonal fruit and veg, all at affordable prices.

Location: Lot 272, Bussell Highway, Margaret River

Couple exploring the Margaret River Farmers' Markets. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia
Make sure you bring your appetite to the Margaret River Farmers’ Market! Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Hang out on the Busselton Foreshore

The famed Busselton Jetty is just one of the reasons you’ll want to spend some quality time at Busselton Foreshore. Unfurling along the stunning Geographe Bay, this popular waterfront precinct is your go-to for swimming, strolling, cycling, picnicking, dolphin-spotting, and generally unwinding. Kids will go nuts for the playgrounds, while a variety of cafes and restaurants will ensure you don’t go hungry. Sunsets here are legendary and absurdly photogenic: all flame-coloured skies and rosy reflective water. Your Instagram followers will approve!

Location: Foreshore Parade, Busselton

Sunset over Busselton Jetty and Geographe Bay.
See what we mean about the sunsets at Busselton Foreshore?

Hit the Busselton-Dunsborough Bike and Walk Path

The Busselton Foreshore (mentioned above) is also the starting point for this gorgeous coastal cycling and walking path, stretching the 31 kilometres between Busselton and Dunsborough. It’s a gentle enough ride that you don’t need to be Cadel Evans to complete it, or you could just tackle a shorter section. Either way, it's well worth stopping every now and then to admire the bay views, have a dip, or enjoy a picnic. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, too. You can hire a bike in either town.

Location: Between Busselton and Dunsborough

Cyclists riding the Busselton-Dunsborough Bike Path. Image credit: Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association
Cruising the Busselton-Dunsborough Bike Path is a great way to enjoy the region’s beauty. Image credit: Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association