The best of Busselton and Margaret River with kids

Wildlife, beaches galore, magical caves and even a gigantic maze: the Busselton and Margaret River region is your ticket to an unforgettable family holiday.

Raffy the Tawny Frogmouth turns on the cute at Discover Deadly, Margaret River. Image credit: Discover Deadly.
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  • July 2021

If you thought the Busselton and Margaret River region was all about the wineries, think again. Here are just a few of the reasons it may well become your new favourite family holiday destination!

Get lost – in a giant maze, that is

Amaze’n Margaret River is home to an enormous hedge maze, which twists and turns its winding way for half a hectare. Getting lost should always be this fun! When you manage to find your way out, there are more mazes to explore, a mini-golf course, five hectares of stunning gardens, a playground and some super-fun outdoor games. Your kids won't be the only ones who have a blast here. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it or grab a bite at the onsite cafe.

Location: 9978 Bussell Highway, Margaret River

Entrance to hedge maze at Amaze’n, Margaret River. Image credit: EA Given/
Get set to be amazed (pun intended!) at Margaret River’s Amaze’n. Image credit: EA Given/

Journey to the centre of the earth at Lake Cave

A tour of Lake Cave is almost like being in your own Jules Verne adventure. Located deep underground, and accessible via a sinkhole in the middle of a karri forest, this subterranean chamber reminds us that what we see on the surface is just part of the picture. As if countless crystal formations (including the remarkable, gravity-defying ‘suspended table’) aren’t enchanting enough, their reflections in the tranquil waters of the cave’s namesake lake are magic. Spelunking fun for the whole family!

Location: Caves Road and Conto Road, Forest Grove

Lake Cave, Margaret River, with mood lighting adding to the magic! Image credit: Tourism Western Australia
Lake Cave is like something from a Jules Verne adventure. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Make some feathered friends at Eagles Heritage

See Australia's largest collection of eagles, hawks, owls and falcons up close at Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre. You'll even get the chance to put on a glove and have one sit on your arm! Set in unspoiled bushland, the Eagles Heritage is a conservation and rehabilitation centre for injured, displaced and orphaned birds of prey. Twice-daily flight shows are a great way to learn about these majestic birds and see them in action. And what child could resist getting their photo taken with Ivy the barn owl?

Location: 341 Boodjidup Road, Margaret River

Black kite hawk at Eagles Heritage, Margaret River.
See magnificent birds like this black kite hawk at Eagles Heritage, Margaret River.

Enjoy the great outdoors at the Busselton Foreshore

Playgrounds catering for children of all ages, a skate park, and a seemingly endless stretch of pristine beach: welcome to Busselton Foreshore, a top pick for any family holiday. Throw in one of the world’s longest jetties and grassy areas perfect for picnics and barbecues, and you could easily spend the day here. Be sure to check out the shipwreck adventure playground, inspired by a real whaling ship that sank in Geographe Bay in 1844. (We’re not sure how historically accurate the kraken is, though...)

Location: Foreshore Parade, Busselton

Children's shipwreck playground on the Busselton foreshore with tall pine trees and blue afternoon sky in background. Image credit: MPH Photography/
The shipwreck adventure playground is one of the many fun things to do along the Busselton Foreshore. Image credit: MPH Photography/

Slither on down to Discover Deadly

Prepare to have your preconceptions about our deadliest native reptiles, amphibians and – gulp – arachnids blown sky high! The team at the Discover Deadly Education Centre are passionate about encouraging ‘a positive attitude towards snakes and other misunderstood animals.’ Through talks and feeding displays, they bust a whole lot of myths about these maligned critters – while entertaining you at the same time. Fun with death adders, crocodiles, scorpions and tarantulas? Family holiday memories are made of this...

Location: 10 Wildwood Road, Carbunup River

Snake demonstration at Discover Deadly, Margaret River. Image credit: Discover Deadly.
Meeting the scaly residents at Discover Deadly. Image credit: Discover Deadly