Thai escape: Top 5 things to do outside Bangkok

Just beyond Thailand’s busy capital you'll find ancient cities, beach resorts and national parks. Here are five places you shouldn't miss.

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  • Mitch Brook
  • May 2018

1. Ayutthaya:

Discover a kingdom of culture

Once one of the largest cities in the world, cultured Ayutthaya remains home to beautiful architecture such as temples, monasteries and reliquaries. Wat Ratchaburana has a crypt you can enter (watch for bats) and Wat Phra Si Sanphet offers a good vantage point. The best sites are in the Ayutthaya Historical Park, easily explored by bike. Get there via train (about an hour and a half) from Bangkok Main Railway Station or take a leisurely river boat.

Wat Phra Mahathat temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand

2. Hua Hin:

Beachside bliss

Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most popular beach areas with plenty of restaurants offering seafood feasts. For a more laid-back experience, nearby Cha-Am is less flashy and more local. Away from the beach, you can go mountain biking or visit Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Nearby Vana Nava Water Park offers rides and slides. Buses take about three and a half hours and depart regularly from Bangkok’s Sai Tai Mai terminal.

3. Khao Yai:

Have a wild encounter

Khao Yai, established in 1962, was Thailand’s first national park. Visitors can see wildlife including macaques, barking deer, hornbill birds, otters and elephants. Rent camping sites, see scenic waterfalls or hike through the park. Book a tour or take a bus to Pak Chong from Bangkok’s Mo-Chit terminal, then a mini-bus or taxi (about three and a half hours all up).

Haew Suwat Waterfall, Bangkok, Thailand

4. Dok Krai:

Get a burst of adrenaline

Take a break by going wakeboarding. The folk at Otzki Wake Camp, one and a half hours from Bangkok, suggest a stay in one of their six lakeside bungalows as a wellness retreat. Pay per night or purchase a package that might include meals, bed, wakeboarding, yoga, paddleboarding or massages.

The infamous Death Railway built by Allied POWs during WWII, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

5. Kanchanaburi:

Buff up your WWII knowledge

History buffs should head to Kanchanaburi, the site of the infamous Death Railway built by Allied POWs during WWII. Parts of the main bridge (over the River Kwai) are intact, and the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum and Walking Trail offers insight into the conflict. Trains depart twice daily from Bangkok’s Thonburi train Station.