Point of Sale Rest of World Group Booking Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to availability. Upon confirmation of your booking request we will place your booking on hold to allow for the receipt of payment of a deposit. If the deposit is not received within the required time, the booking will be cancelled automatically. If the deposit is received within the required time but you choose not to proceed with the booking, the deposit will not be refunded to you. Full payment for the group will then be required before departure; the time frame will be dependent on the booking and will be specified in your quote. Refer to Appendix 1.


Passenger names will be required by 14 days prior to departure. These names can be changed free of charge if you notify us at least 24 hours before the original scheduled departure time.


Upon finalisation of full payment, the following fare conditions will apply:
  • Minimum group size is 10 passengers travelling together for a common purpose. Should your group number fall below 10 individuals or the group is no longer travelling together for a common purpose, you will no longer qualify as a group and your group booking will be cancelled. You may re-book individually, subject to availability at the time of re-booking.
  • This Booking is non-refundable. Customers who do not check-in for their booked flight will lose the entire fare paid, except where you are entitled to a refund under the Conditions of Carriage.
  • The fares quoted are net fares and inclusive of 7kg of carry-on luggage and up to 20kg check-in luggage per person.
  • Group pooled baggage allowance permitted upon request.
  • No remuneration is payable for group bookings.
  • Changes to the origin and/or destination of travel are not permitted.
  • Changes to Passenger names can be made to your Booking if you notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • One Accompanying Passenger can assist a maximum of four passengers that do not meet Jetstar’s independent traveller requirements. See Independent travellers and accompanying passengers for details.


Changes to date or time can be made to your Booking if you notify us at least 24 hours before the original scheduled departure time. A change fee* applies for each passenger, for each flight segment changed. Your new fare may be more than the fare you originally purchased. You must also pay any applicable fare difference, per passenger, per flight, at the time you make a change. The new fare will be at least the amount of the fare you originally booked and may be more. You cannot change to a lower fare. No refund will be applicable if a lower fare is available. Fare difference is the difference (if any) between the fare booked and an available fare on the date of change which is at least the same fare or, if the same fare is not available, the next available higher fare. The fare difference may be substantial. 

* Change fees will be applied in the currency of the booking, please contact groupreservations@jetstar.com to find out the applicable change fee amount for your booked flight. 


  • Passengers who do not complete changes at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, or who do not fly, will lose the entire fare paid.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Jetstar does not provide flight connections, baggage transfer or check-in for multiple flights. It is the passenger's responsibility to allow sufficient time for baggage collection and re-check, if travelling on another flight. Please go to our checking in page for more information.
  • Seat allocation requests available upon receipt of full payment only where applicable. This is subject to confirmation at airport check-in.
  • Separate Group check-in is not provided.
  • For customers travelling in the Business class cabin, business class is only available on long-haul international flights operated by a B787 aircraft. Passengers will be seated in economy for any connecting domestic or short-haul international flights (including intra-Asia and Trans Tasman flights). Meals and other in flight products are not included on economy sectors, however Business Class check-in baggage allowance and fare conditions apply.
  • If any member of the group requires specific assistance, this must be requested at the time of booking. Only limited special assistance is available to accommodate passengers with limited mobility, passengers with a service dog (only available for flights operated by Jetstar (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K), passengers who are Deaf or hearing impaired, passengers who are blind or vision impaired, passengers with intellectual disabilities and passengers requiring oxygen. Please go to the specific assistance page for more information.
  • An oversized item handling fee applies if you’re bringing sporting equipment, a musical instrument, or any item longer than one metre as part of your checked-baggage allowance. The fee doesn’t apply to mobility and assistive devices, medical equipment and infant items. It will save you time at the airport if you pay the fee before you arrive. At the airport you’ll need to pay the fee before you take your items to the oversized baggage counter. See Oversized baggage for more information, including size and weight limits.

See the applicable Conditions of Carriage for your booking at the Terms and Conditions page.


Deposit Payment           
Domestic flights  7 days from booking date*           

 A$30 per person per seat^
Trans Tasman  A$30 per person per seat^
Short haul international  A$30 per person per seat^
Long haul international  A$60 per person per seat^
Business class  A$120 per person per seat^
Final Balance Payment  Timeframe Amount
Domestic flights
45 days before first flight
The difference between total
amount due less any deposit that
has been paid


Trans Tasman
Short haul international
Long haul international
60 days before first flight departure     

Business class
Name change                 Timeframe                                      Amount                                   
Domestic flights
 14 Days before first flight departure

Trans Tasman
Short haul international
Long haul international
Business class
Utilisation Rate

*Any group that books inside the final payment timeframe will not pay a deposit. Instead they will have 1 business day to complete full payment. If travel is booked within 14 days of the first flights departure, immediate payment will be required to secure a booking.

^Deposit amount is applied in the currency of the booking. Please contact groupreservations@jetstar.com for further information on deposit amounts.