If you are worried about whether you’re well enough you to fly, please see your doctor before you make a booking.

Please let us know if you have an illness or condition that could make it unsafe for you or other passengers if you travel.

If we’re not confident that you’re well enough to fly we may refuse to let you board the aircraft.

Please make sure you pack any medication you think you might need during your flight, both prescription and non-prescription.

Some illnesses or conditions may prevent you flying unless you provide a medical clearance. Know all about our medical clearance guidelines and forms.

If you’re pregnant we have specific guidelines and requirements. See our pregnancy page for more details. 

I have an illness or medical condition. Do I need a medical clearance form before I can fly?

Most medical conditions shouldn’t stop you from flying, but for certain conditions you’ll need to get medical clearance before your booking can be confirmed.

Please read the medical clearance guidelines to see if your illness or condition is likely to stop you travelling or if we’ll need you to get clearance before we let you fly.

The guidelines are attached to the medical clearance forms.

Where can I find Jetstar’s medical clearance forms?

I’m an acute allergy sufferer. Will my flight be allergy-free?

Unfortunately we can’t promise an allergy-free environment on board our aircraft.

In particular, we’re unable to guarantee a peanut-free flight, as it’s impossible for us to prevent other passengers from bringing peanuts or peanut snacks onto the aircraft.

Our cabin crew aren’t trained to administer adrenalin or any other medication.

Please pack any medical supplies you’ll need for your journey in your carry-on baggage.

If I have a contagious disease will I be allowed to fly?

No, not until there’s no longer a risk to other passengers.

What if I am unwell before I travel?

If you are unwell or infectious in the week leading up to your flight, you should defer your travel plans. Contact us to discuss your options.

What do I need to know about deep vein thrombosis (DVT)?

Some studies have found that lack of movement over time could contribute to blood clots forming in the legs (DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis). If you feel you could be at risk from DVT or other health problems, see your doctor before you travel.

I need to use specific medication or hypodermic needles while on board the aircraft. What should I do?

If you’re carrying hypodermic needles you’ll need to declare them at the airport security screening point and, where possible, produce documentation or identification to confirm your medical condition.

Medication should be clearly marked with a professionally printed identification label, a manufacturer’s name or a pharmaceutical label.

Please pack any medical supplies you’ll need for your journey in your carry-on baggage. See: Travelling with medication