Jetstar wheelchairs

We have two types of wheelchairs to assist you to move around the airport terminal and get on and off the aircraft:

  • Wide frame, airport wheelchairs (some of which can be self-manoeuvred)
  • Narrow body aisle wheelchairs (which can only be manoeuvred by your accompanying passenger or Jetstar staff)

Where we can we will provide a wide frame wheelchair to transport you through the terminal. If this is not available, an aisle wheelchair will be used.

During busy periods you may need to wait for assistance from staff or for a wheelchair to become available.

Checking in your manual wheelchairs

Where possible, Jetstar will offer the choice of when you are transferred to a Jetstar airport wheelchair (i.e. at check-in or at the boarding gate/aerobridge) for customers travelling with manual wheelchairs. Whenever possible, you can use your manual wheelchair to the boarding gate. This may not be possible in all circumstances due to operational reasons.

Manual wheelchairs travelling with a detachable battery or smart drive are considered to be a battery-powered mobility aid when travelling with Jetstar, so will require Qantas dangerous goods approval opens in new window.

Checking in your battery-powered mobility aid and dangerous goods approval

All battery-powered wheelchairs (including manual wheelchairs with a detachable battery) must be checked in at the check-in counter and cannot be checked-in at the boarding gate.

Battery-powered mobility aids (including battery-powered wheelchairs) are considered dangerous goods and require airline approval before they can travel safely with us. Dangerous goods approvals for Jetstar flights are managed by Qantas.

To request approval, email and provide your full name, along with your mobility aid’s make and model, battery type, battery voltage (V) and battery amp hour (Ah) rating. We recommend you submit your dangerous goods approval request at least 5 business days before your flight departs so we can address any issues and get you to your flight on time.

If you're travelling on a Jetstar Japan (GK) flight and checking in your battery-powered wheelchair, you need to complete the Electric Wheelchair Fact Form and email the form to Jetstar Japan at least 5 business days prior to departure.

E-bikes, e-scooters, electric skateboards and Segways are generally not classified as mobility aids.

Approved transfer method - slide boards

Jetstar does not use an eagle lift, hoists or manual lifting for customer transfers. If you need or prefer that level of assistance, you may need to travel with an accompanying passenger to assist you, or you may need to travel with another airline.

Slide boards

We use slide boards to transfer customers between wheelchairs and their aircraft seat. We will provide the slide board.

Our staff will undertake this transfer, although they may also require your assistance (e.g. to communicate your needs) and assistance from your Accompanying Passenger.

Slide boards are not available for use during your flight.


We’re not able to provide you with a sling but you’re welcome to bring your own.

If you bring your own sling, your Accompanying Passenger must undertake the transfers between wheelchairs and the aircraft seat. Jetstar staff will offer reasonable assistance to you and your accompanying passenger (i.e. moving pressure cushion or wheelchairs) but are unable to transfer or assist with transferring you using a sling or any of your own equipment.

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