Jetstar Pacific is pleased to announce an amazing promotion “Fly with the family – Buy 4 get 1 refund” on all of domestic routes operated by Jetstar Pacific.

According to the promotion, each group of 4 passengers within a family who meets the requirement will get 1 ticket of a passenger refund after finishing the journey either in one way or return.

The details are as below:

  1. Content of program:

    • Routes: Apply for any journey either in one way or return on any domestic routes operated by Jetstar Pacific

    • Travel periods: For any booking that is booked from 20/09/2019 that travel between 20/09/2019 until 15/12/2019.

    • Eligible passengers:

      • Apply for a group of 4 passengers within a family in the same booking code. People within a family are grandfathers, grandmothers, parents and children.

      • Profile to prove relationship: any lawful documents to prove relationship including: identity card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and family register book.

      • Booking can change date, split booking, but require to meet the eligibility as a family booking.

  2. Policy application: Each eligible group of 4 passengers (who is eligible as stated in section 1.5) will get the refund after the journey.

  3. Refund amount: The amount of refund includes base fare (net amount) of the first booking (any fees apply for changing the booking will not be included) and System Management Fee (YR).

  4. Refund policy: Refund by cash with the amount as calculated in section 3.

  5. Channel: Apply for any sales channel.

  6. Place of refund and profile check:
  • Eligible for refund passengers will provide original documents or notarized copy for checking and 1 copy (for archive) to official ticketing office of Jetstar Pacific Airlines to get the refund.

  • Periods of refund: within 30 days of the finished journey date.

What are you waiting for? Visit jetstar.com, call 19001550 or visit ticketing office and Jetstar booking agent to book your ticket now!

We wish you a pleasure journey and see you again!