From 29 July 2020, Jetstar Pacific will change its name to Pacific Airlines. This means there’ll be a few changes in store for Jetstar Pacific customers.

In short, if you’re flying…

Before 29 July 2020

If your flight departs before 29 July, you can make Jetstar Pacific (BL) flight bookings, and any changes to an existing booking, at Your booking is not affected by this transition.

From 23 July 2020

All existing Jetstar Pacific (BL) bookings departing from 29 July will be moved to the Pacific Airlines reservation system and you’ll be emailed a new itinerary. When you receive your email, you can contact Pacific Airlines with any enquires.

Need help?

From 29 July, if you need help, or want to make changes to your booking, contact Pacific Airlines:

Phone: 1900 1550,

I want to book a flight departing after 29 July

You won’t be able to book Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights departing after 29 July from 23 July. For these flights, please wait until 29 July, then head to Pacific Airlines to make your booking.

What happens to my Jetstar Pacific (BL) booking?

If your booking only contains Jetstar Pacific flights that begin with the code BL, your booking is affected. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to fly and you don’t have to take any action.

From 23 July 2020, your Jetstar Pacific booking will be transferred to Pacific Airlines and you will be issued with a new itinerary.

During this transfer, your booking can’t be changed or cancelled. This includes all online self-service options such as Manage Booking and Online Check-In.

Pacific Airlines will contact you with alternative options if there are changes to your booking.

What if I have a booking with a connecting flight with Jetstar Pacific (BL)?

Any Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K) or Jetstar Japan (GK) flights on your booking will remain as they are and you’ll be able to travel on those flights as planned.

To allow you to re-book your flights within Vietnam with the carrier of your choice and avoid any further changes, we will cancel and process a full refund of the Jetstar Pacific (BL) sectors on your booking. Please allow up to 1 month to process as we are dealing with a high volume of refund requests at the moment due to the impact of COVID-19.

I have a Jetstar Pacific (BL) credit voucher – can I still use it?

You will still be able to use your credit voucher to book a Jetstar Pacific (BL) flight up until 28 July 2020. Please take the time to read the Jetstar credit voucher terms and conditions.

From 29 July 2020, Pacific Airlines will issue you with a new credit voucher so you can redeem any unused credit. Your original Jetstar credit voucher will no longer be in use. It will also have the same expiry date as your original voucher.

Will I be able to make a booking to Vietnam on

Other Jetstar airlines like Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Airways (JQ) will continue to fly key routes to Vietnam. Existing bookings that begin with the code 3K or JQ are not affected.

You will still be able to make a Jetstar Pacific (BL) booking on until 28 July 2020, but not for flights departing after 29 July 2020. However, if you’re flying from 29 July 2020, you will be issued with a new itinerary from Pacific Airlines at the email address you used when you made your original booking.

I have an issue with a Jetstar Pacific (BL) booking or credit voucher – who do I contact?

Together with Pacific Airlines, we are working through customer service arrangements, but our priority is to minimise any disruption to you.

You can continue to contact us up until 28 July 2020 if you require any assistance with your Jetstar Pacific (BL) voucher.

What happens to my Club Jetstar membership?

Club Jetstar memberships with Jetstar Pacific will be cancelled. We will automatically refund you the prorated amount for the remaining time left on your membership back to the credit card used to make your payment.

If you paid for your membership with any other form of payment, contact us to provide bank details for your refund. Please allow up to 28 days for your refund to be processed.

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