We’re proud to be the first ever official naming partner for Little Athletics Australia - an Australian icon and one of our best loved junior sports.

More than 100,000 girls and boys participate in Little Athletics across Australia. It’s a uniquely Australian program based on track and field events. It’s all about family, fun, getting out there and getting active.

At Little Athletics, kids develop skills that are used in all sports. There’s running, jumping, throwing and walking – all modified to suit kids’ age and ability.


  • There are about 540 local Jetstar Little Athletics centres across the country
  • The season runs every year from October through to late March.

All kids welcome

  • Jetstar Little Athletics Australia is open to kids between 5 and 15 years (age groups may differ in some states)
  • Kids with any level of skill or fitness are welcome. They’re given lots of encouragement to achieve their own personal bests – that’s why it’s one of the few sports that successfully caters for all kids.

How to join

You join up through your local centre. To find out more about Little Athletics in your state, get in touch with your local centre: