Let the journey fly by with the latest Hollywood movies, comedy TV shows and interactive games to keep you entertained. Delivered to your seatback screen or Jetstar iPad, our in-flight entertainment puts hours of content at your fingertips.

Get access to in-flight entertainment and headset by reserving it when you book or at: Manage your booking

International Business Class passengers automatically get unlimited access to entertainment and a noise-cancelling headset.

In-flight entertainment is only available on select flights.

Movies, TV, games and more

Our in-flight entertainment is packed with new-release Hollywood, Australian and Japanese movies, fun-filled games, TV shows, top selling e-magazines (only on the iPad), a kids’ content zone and massive music library.

The entertainment is regularly updated, check out what’s now showing:

Entertainment availability

787 passengers get a seatback screen and headset. Economy passengers can buy content before they fly or in-flight. 787 passengers also get messaging between seats and USB file sharing.

A330 passengers on an international flight can hire an iPad to access the inflight entertainment. iPads are limited so it’s best to book before you fly. You’ll need ID to hire an iPad. When dropdown screens along the aisles are available, choose to buy a reusable headset to follow the entertainment.

A320 and A321 passengers on a flight longer than 90 minutes can reserve an iPad when making your flight booking.

iPads are not available on Jetstar Asia (3K) flights, Jetstar Japan (GK), Jestar Pacific (BL) and Domestic New Zealand flights.

All entertainment is free for Business Class passengers.

Jetstar Streaming

Our new streaming service allows you to watch great Jetstar entertainment – On your device! Watch movies and TV or listen to new music by downloading the free Jetstar Streaming app.

When you’re onboard, open the app and purchase access to over 250 hours of movies, music and TV with your iPhone or iPad.

Download the Jetstar Streaming app on your Wi-Fi enabled iPhone or iPad before your flight.

Jetstar Streaming Availability

Jetstar Streaming is available on some domestic and international short-haul flights operated by an A320 aircraft.

To get Jetstar streaming on your Apple iPad or iPhone device you must be using IOS 5.0 or later.

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