To help us arrive at your destination on schedule, you must be checked-in for your flight on time. To make the process as simple and convenient as possible, we now offer a range of check-in options. For domestic flights, check-in before you arrive at the airport by using our web check-in or auto web check-in service, printing your boarding pass and bringing it to the airport. If you’d rather check-in at the airport, use our state-of-the-art kiosks and avoid the queues, or visit one of our Jetstar check-in counters.

Domestic Flights

Jetstar (JQ) and Jetstar Japan (GK) domestic flights departing from domestic terminals


Jetstar (JQ) domestic flights departing on Q300 aircraft


Jetstar (JQ) domestic flights departing from international terminals on a 787 aircraft


Jetstar Pacific (BL) domestic flights


Once check-in has opened no further changes can be made for passengers who purchased a Starter fare with a Plus Bundle
Find the aircraft type in your Jetstar itinerary or at Manage booking

Please don’t be late. We can’t wait.

If you do not check in or present at the boarding gate before the closed times you won’t be able to board your flight and you may lose your fare in full. We recommend arriving at the airport early to allow enough time to make your way through the airport, taking into consideration clearing airport security.

Ways to check-in for your flight

Web check-in

When you’ve booked a domestic flight within Australia, New Zealand or Japan on a Jetstar website you’ll have the option of web check-in. Check in and bag drop times are strict, please don’t be late.

How web check-in works:

  1. Between 48 hours and 60 minutes before your flight departs enter your details at: Web check-in
  2. Choose to print your boarding pass or have it sent to you by email to print. Domestic Australia or New Zealand passengers can also choose to receive a mobile boarding pass.
  3. If you have a return flight within seven days of the outbound flight, choose to check-in for that flight now. You can check in later too.
  4. If you’ve chosen an email boarding pass, print it before you arrive at the airport. If you can’t print your boarding pass, collect it from the airport counter or kiosk.
  5. If you’ve chosen a mobile boarding pass, remember to bring your nominated mobile phone.
  6. Print baggage labels and drop checked-baggage at the airport kiosk or counter.

More about web check-in and mobile boarding passes

Airport kiosk check-in

The Jetstar kiosks are a great alternative to the counter check-in. Print your own boarding pass and, if you have checked-baggage, print baggage labels here.

Find Jetstar kiosks at the following Australian and New Zealand domestic terminals:

Australia: Melbourne – Tullamarine, Melbourne – Avalon, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Hobart, Cairns and Darwin.

New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington


Airport counter check-in

-        Airport counter check-in is available to all our passengers. You must use the airport counter check-in if:

  • There are 7 or more passengers in your booking
  • You’re travelling from an international terminal. Some domestic flights depart from international terminals
  • You have a specific assistance requirement on your booking, would like to check in a wheelchair or mobility aid, or are travelling with a service dog
  • You are travelling with an infant

Where to check-in at the airport

All domestic New Zealand flights depart from a domestic terminal.

Most domestic flights in Australia depart from a domestic terminal and some depart from an international terminal.

For flights from an international terminal you’ll need to check in earlier and show your passport or photographic identification issued by the Australian government. You’ll also need to limit the amount of liquid, gel and aerosol in your carry-on baggage. For up to date restrictions see the Australian Government’s Travel Secure list.

Only some domestic flight numbers depart from an international terminal. To check, find your flight number in your Jetstar itinerary or at: Manage booking


Flight number

Flights departing from an international terminal  

JQ1 to JQ241

Flights departing from a domestic terminal

JQ350 to JQ999

From 10 November 2015, most Jetstar domestic flights* into and out of Melbourne Tullamarine have moved to Terminal 4. For details about the new terminal see

*Please note that JQ15 Melbourne-Cairns, JQ27 Melbourne-Sydney and JQ28 Sydney-Melbourne flights will remain at Terminal 2.

Forms of identification

Domestic flights within Australia and New Zealand

All passengers, including children and infants, may need to provide valid, approved identification. The identification must be original or a certified copy, photocopies or expired identification will not be accepted. We may ask to see this identification.

Use one of the following valid identification types:


Company issued Identification

Original or certifed copy of a birth certificate or citizenship document

Student identification

Drivers licence

Domestic flights within Australia departing from an International Terminal

You’ll need to show photographic identification if you’re travelling domestically from an international terminal. The photographic identification must be valid and include your full name.

Use one of the following:

  • Passport (Non-Australian passengers must carry a passport as ID)
  • A driver’s license issued under a law of the Commonwealth of Australia or an Australian State or Territory
  • An aviation security card issued by the operator of the aircraft or the operator of an airport in Australia
  • A document that identifies you, issued by:

o    The Commonwealth of Australia

o    An Australian State or Territory

o    An authority of the Commonwealth of Australia or an Australian State or Territory

Non-photographic identification will only be accepted for infants travelling with an adult who presents photographic identification. In this case a birth certificate is acceptable.

Domestic flights within Japan

All passengers, including children and infants travelling with an adult, will need to provide valid identification. Use one of the following valid photo identification types:

  • Juki-card with photo (Basic Resident Register Card)
  • A valid passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Student identification

Health insurance cards (健康保険証) are only acceptable for children who are travelling with a parent and both parent’s and child’s names are on the card. The parent must show photo identification. 

Domestic Flights within Vietnam

Passengers must have at least one of the following documents:

  • Identification card
  • Passport
  • Military certificate
  • National Assembly Member Card
  • Party Member card
  • Press card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Birth certificate for children under 14 years of age.

Passports and visas