Making a booking

If you’re blind or have a vision impairment, please let us know when you make your booking so we can provide any assistance you may require.

Preparing for your trip

Travelling with a Service Dog? All Service Dogs need to be approved by Jetstar to be carried in the aircraft cabin. Make sure you let us know and prepare for your trip by finding out more about the requirements for travelling with your Service Dog.

Jetstar has a customer assistance checklist available to download and print. It is not mandatory to complete. However, bringing it with you will help us understand your needs on the day of travel.

At the departure airport

Please make yourself known to our staff at check-in and let us know if you’d like assistance from the check-in counter to the boarding gate or aircraft seat.

On your flight

You will generally be invited to be one of the first to board where our crew will give you an individual safety briefing on board.

At your request and where time permits, our cabin crew can read our in-flight menu to you prior to the service. Please let the cabin crew know if you would like us to explain where the meal items are placed on your tray.

At your destination

Please let us know if we can assist you from the aircraft to the baggage claim area.

If you require assistance with onward travel – including to connecting flights – please make sure you arrange for someone to meet you as we’re not able to assist beyond baggage claim.

In some instances, we do through-check baggage where you have multiple flights on the one Jetstar booking. Find out more about baggage transfers.