How to use this Voucher

  • Redeem for Jetstar flights only up to the value listed on the voucher
  • Book through or Jetstar Contact Centre (see for contact numbers).
  • The voucher can be redeemed up to the value stated on the voucher in one booking only, before the Expiry Date displayed on the voucher. The Expiry Date is calculated as 3 years (1095 days) from the Issue Date displayed on the voucher.
  • Book any Jetstar flights available on or through Jetstar Contact Centre at the time you redeem this Voucher
  • Redeem in one booking only, any amount not redeemed in that booking will be lost and no credit will remain
  • The person named on voucher must be a passenger or the contact on the new booking

Voucher Terms & Conditions

(a) ‘How to use this Voucher’ forms part of these Voucher Terms & Conditions.

(b) Vouchers are not for resale. For any Voucher which is resold, Jetstar reserves the right to cancel that Voucher and any associated Jetstar booking without compensation.

(c) Booking dates will be strictly applied. Your booking must be made or changed through or Jetstar Contact Centre before the Expiry Date, for travel on any Jetstar flight available at the time you redeem this Voucher. If you do not redeem this Voucher within this timeframe, this Voucher will expire and you will lose the value of this Voucher. If you redeem this Voucher but later change your booking on a date after the Expiry Date, you will lose the value of this Voucher. This Voucher was created on the Issue Date and expires on the Expiry Date as noted above. The booking period is calculated as 3 years (1095 days) from the Issue Date displayed on the voucher.

(d) All travel is subject to availability at the time of booking, the fare rules quoted at the time of booking and the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage. The standard Jetstar fare and bundle rules apply according to the fare or fare with bundle selected when booking. Limited changes are permitted, charges may apply. No fees apply if you are entitled to a refund or alternative flight under the Australian Consumer Law, your local law or Conditions of Carriage. See for further details.

(e) You must redeem this Voucher in one booking only. Any amount not redeemed in that booking will be lost and no credit will remain.

(f) This Voucher is only redeemable up to the value stated on this Voucher for Jetstar fares and bundle options, in-flights products (baggage, seats, meals, in-flight entertainment [subject to availability] and comfort packs [subject to availability]), taxes, fees and other charges associated with normal Jetstar internet or telephone reservations bookings. This Voucher cannot be redeemed for Jetstar Holiday products (including accommodation, activities, transfers, parking, insurance and car hire). This Voucher must be taken as stated and no compensation will be payable if the recipient is unable to use it as stated. This Voucher is not redeemable for cash or other goods and services.

(g) Jetstar Airways Pty Limited (“Jetstar”) makes no claims in relation to weather or other conditions at the travel destination and the Voucher recipient should make their own enquiries before travel. Jetstar, its related bodies corporate, their officers, employees and agents will not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury whatsoever (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss) suffered or sustained in connection with the use of this Voucher, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

(h) Any additional travel booked in conjunction with the use of this Voucher will be subject to standard booking conditions.

(i) Jetstar will collect information about you and any other person named in the booking so that it can issue this Voucher and, when redeeming this Voucher, can process the travel arrangements. For more information about Jetstar’s privacy policy, including how to access your information, refer to Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd ABN 33 069 720 243.

(j) Qantas Points used to pay for the original fare are a form of payment. Points cannot be recouped if a flight purchased with those points is cancelled by activating FareCredit. If you purchase a flight with FareCredit using Qantas Points, then activate FareCredit to cancel that flight and subsequently use your voucher to book another flight, you forfeit any status credits that would have been earned on the original flight.

(k) The FareCredit voucher is not transferable and can only be used for travel by the person in whose name it is issued.