Seafood, meat and frozen items

On Jetstar Airways (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K), you can bring seafood, meat and frozen products as part of your checked baggage.

On Jetstar Japan (GK), you can bring seafood, meat and frozen products as part of your checked baggage or in your carry on baggage.

Live seafood like crabs or crayfish cannot be carried as carry on or checked baggage – it must be carried as freight.

Packaging requirements

Any seafood, meat or frozen items must be properly packed according to the following requirements:

  • Seafood, meat and frozen products must be completely frozen and in an approved container that will keep the products frozen.
  • Approved containers include solid plastic or fibreglass Eskies, coolers or chilly bins, or solid styrofoam or polystyrene boxes with a lid.
  • The total weight of each container must not exceed 32kg, the maximum weight of any single item of checked baggage. Please note: For solid styrofoam or polystyrene boxes with a lid, the total weight cannot exceed 20kg.
  • All seafood, meat and frozen products must be sealed and double-wrapped to prevent any possible leakage.
  • You must NOT use ice under any circumstances. This includes plastic ice bricks.
  • Commercial gel cooling packs may be used to keep your products frozen.
  • You can use dry ice as long as you get approval from Qantas Dangerous Goods before you fly. Your container must be properly ventilated to use dry ice. See Qantas Dangerous Goods for more details and contacts.

Quarantine requirements

It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with any quarantine restrictions if you’re transporting seafood, meat or frozen products. These requirements vary by country and include the amount you can bring.

Check with the relevant government department for specific requirements before you fly.

Australian Customs and Quarantine

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries

Singapore Food Agency


Qantas Freight has a range of different freight options for domestic and international flights.

If you need to transport any baggage as freight, we recommend you contact Qantas Freight at least 5 days before your departure date.

Durian and jackfruit

Durian and jackfruit are not permitted on Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K) or Jetstar Japan (GK) flights as either carry on or checked baggage.