What you need to know

  • Jetstar does not provide travel oxygen for passengers – it must be supplied directly by yourself if required
  • On some flights, you may bring on board a portable oxygen concentrator or an oxygen cylinder – please refer to the list below.
    • Jetstar Airways (JQ) Airbus A320/A321 - concentrator or cylinder allowed
    • Jetstar Airways (JQ) Boeing 787 - concentrator only
    • Jetstar Asia (3K) Airbus A320 - concentrator or cylinder allowed
    • Jetstar Japan (GK) Airbus A320/A321 - concentrator or cylinder allowed

    Oxygen concentrators and cylinders must be approved. See information below on portable oxygen concentrators.

  • You must complete and submit a Jetstar Medical Clearance Form according to the instructions provided
  • If you're planning to use an oxygen cylinder on board a Jetstar Japan (GK) flight, you must complete the Oxygen Cylinder Fact Form opens in new window in addition to the Medical Clearance Form and email it to Jetstar Japan at least 5 business days prior to departure.

If you need to confirm the aircraft type for your flight or if you change your flight details, it’s very important that you contact us before you travel.

Portable oxygen concentrators

Jetstar Airways (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K) accept portable oxygen concentrators for carriage and use on board that are authorised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The carriage of oxygen, portable oxygen concentrators and portable medical devices powered by lithium batteries must comply with our dangerous goods requirements.

Oxygen cylinders

On flights operated by an A320/321 Jetstar Airways (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K) can only accept oxygen cylinders supplied by BOC, Air Liquide, Supagas or Coregas.

To contact the suppliers in Australia please call:

  • BOC 1800 050 999
  • Air Liquide 1300 360 202
  • Supagas 13 77 72
  • Coregas 1800 807 203 (hospital supplied only)

In Singapore

  • Air Liquide +65 6265 3788

A ‘C’ size cylinder is the maximum size permitted and all cylinders must be carried and restrained in a hard or soft protective case. Multiple cylinders may be carried subject to approval. Additional oxygen cylinders may be stored under the seat in front of you or in the overhead lockers. If an extra seat is required to carry the additional oxygen cylinders for your travel, you will need to purchase this seat.

Responsibilities and documentation

  • You will be responsible for the direct return of all equipment to BOC, Air Liquide, Supagas or Coregas
  • You will be required to provide a doctor's medical certificate to the medical gas supplier. This certificate must include details of your required oxygen flow rate. The certificate must also state whether you are capable of using the oxygen un-aided
  • All other equipment (eg oxygen, regulator, mask or nasal cannula) must be supplied by you
  • You, or your carer, are responsible for the on-board control of the oxygen
  • Travel oxygen must be carried in an approved travel pack only
  • You are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient oxygen (including reserves) for the duration of your journey and any onward travel, taking into consideration the possibility of delays (including a diversion)
  • A completed and approved Jetstar Medical Clearance Form will be required at check-in
  • You must comply with the Jetstar Independent Traveller requirement
  • If you are connecting to or from a flight operated by another carrier, you must contact the other carrier to organise travel clearance

Travelling with a breathing support machine such as a CPAP or BiPAP? Please refer to our assistive devices page for information.