Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural experiences

Learn about the world's oldest living culture and discover a fascinating, sometimes unexpected side of your next destination.

Against a lush rainforest backdrop, an Indigenous man teaches three tourists to play the didgeridoo. Just one of the many ways you can experience Aboriginal Australia. Image credit: Tourism Australia
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  • March 2022

Wherever you fly (or live) in Australia, you're never far from an opportunity to explore the history, heritage, art or cuisine of the local First Nations community. Use this state-by-state guide to connect with some of our favourite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural experiences across the country.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, live and fly. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

New South Wales

Take a Dreamtime tour around the Rocks and discover the best emerging art at Sydney galleries. Explore Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on a cultural walking tour or the Stockton Sand Dunes on a quad bike. And leave room for bush tucker in Byron Bay!

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Aboriginal tour guide chats to tourists in Sydney Royal Botanic Garden with the harbour and Harbour Bridge in background. Image credit: Destination NSW
Aboriginal Harbour Heritage Tour, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Image credit: Destination NSW

Northern Territory

Try your hand at spear-throwing and the didgeridoo near Darwin, or venture into the unspoiled, spiritually significant wilderness of Litchfield National Park. Marvel at Ubirr's timeless rock art or watch contemporary artists in action at Humpty Doo.

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Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr (Kakadu), depicting a long-neck turtle. Image credit: Tourism NT/Helen Orr.
Ubirr rock art, Kakadu National Park. Image credit: Tourism NT/Helen Orr


Experience time-honoured ceremonies and hear Dreaming stories handed down through generations near Cairns. Join an island tour off Hervey Bay or a coastal hike on the Gold Coast. Admire captivating art in Brisbane and discover the secrets of bush medicine on Stradbroke Island.

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Kids learn about Aboriginal culture at the Spirits of the Red Sand experience. Image credit: Archie Sartracom/Tourism Australia
Spirits of the Red Sand, Gold Coast. Image credit: Archie Sartracom/Tourism Australia

South Australia

Soak up the rugged landscapes of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park and learn about their rich history from a Traditional Custodian. Catch an art exhibition or performance in Adelaide, or discover the city's significant sites on a self-guided tour.

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With Flinders Ranges in the background, Aboriginal tour guide points to something in the distance while two tourists look on. Image credit: Tourism Australia
Wilpena Pound, Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. Image credit: Tourism Australia


Get to know Hobart's long First Nations history with a walking tour or take in the permanent collections at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. For a truly immersive experience, join a guided four-day hike through spectacular and significant wilderness.

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Hiker on rocky Tasmanian beach doing the Wukalina Walk, an Aboriginal walking tour
wukalina Walk, which departs from Launceston. Image credit: Tayla Gentle


See Melbourne's Royal Botanical Garden from a First Nations perspective. Delve into local history and heritage at a cultural centre or gallery. Discover ancient rock art and landscapes in regional Victoria, and hang out with native wildlife.

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Smoking ceremony at Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Garden, part of its Aboriginal guided tour.
Aboriginal Heritage Walk, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Image credit: Visit Victoria

Western Australia

Discover King's Park's special cultural heritage while enjoying sweeping river views. Visit important sites around the Perth CBD and learn about ancient astronomy from a Nyungar Elder. Down south, explore caves, coast and bush with a local guide.

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Aboriginal tour guide leads tour group in Kings Park, with Perth city skyline in background. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia.
Yorga's Walk, King's Park, Perth. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

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