Community standards on social media and contact channels

Whether you are contacting us on social media or through other channels such as Live Chat, please keep our community standards in mind. These standards help create a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Who the community standards apply to

Jetstar’s community standards apply to anyone using our social media and other channels. Words can mean different things to different people, so we have designed our standards to be as comprehensive as possible. To keep a respectful and welcoming environment for everyone, we aim to apply our policies (including these standards) as fairly and consistently as possible.

The goal of Jetstar’s community standards

We’d like to encourage a safe and kind place for expression where everyone can discuss travel and matters that are important to them. To achieve this, we may limit the content that is used and displayed on our channels. We do this to:

Protect privacy – We work to protect personal privacy and may remove identifying information, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers from our channels without notice. We will also remove content that attempts to gain personal information (including sensitive information) from other users through deceptive means.

To help us to protect your information, please avoid posting your contact details, booking references, voucher numbers, case numbers or membership information on public channels. Personal information should only be provided in private communication, such as Live Chat or direct message on Facebook or Messenger.

You can learn more about how Jetstar handles your personal information in our Privacy Policy.

Ensure safety – We prioritise safety and will remove any content that could be perceived as being threatening, intimidating, hateful, obscene or exclusionary across our channels. Harmful speech, including swearing and profane language, will not be tolerated. Complaints and feedback are permitted, as long as they are communicated respectfully and allow all users to engage in equal and meaningful discussion.

Promote authenticity – We believe a safe space is also a truthful place. We’ll actively remove content we deem inaccurate, including fake news about Jetstar, the destinations we fly to and individuals. We work hard to limit deceptive information, including the spread of spam and content that abuses the channel for commercial gain.

Social media house rules

We love to hear from customers and want to encourage constructive conversation. To ensure our pages are a safe space for discussion and interaction, please follow our social media house rules.

  1. Keep your posts and comments nice – Don’t include content, images or links to material that could be considered obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, harassing, overtly sexual, discriminatory, or hateful to another person or organisation – including us, our partners, our employees, competitors, and other people or organisations.
  2. Give people room to speak – Be helpful, but don’t post anything that disrupts conversations or targets others. Don’t consistently respond to posts with no merit other than to belittle others.
  3. This is a spam free zone – Avoid repeat posts or unsolicited ads.
  4. Keep your posts and comments accurate and relevant – Post only information that is factually accurate. This applies to both the Jetstar page and the discussion you are having.
  5. Don’t post any personal information – This includes information about yourself or others, such as contact and booking information.

Remember, as well as the above house rules, the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the social media channels themselves will also apply. You can find more information below.

Facebook Terms of Service

Instagram Terms of Use

X Terms of Service

YouTube Terms of Service

TikTok Terms of Service

When content goes against our community standards

The consequences of violating our community standards vary depending on the type and severity of the violation. We reserve the right remove content deemed to violate our standards or house rules, and we may block, ban or restrict users from using our channels. Removal of content or users from our channels can happen without notice.

When Jetstar uses your content

When you provide content to Jetstar for use on our pages, our Image Rights Terms and Conditions apply.

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